Best blinds for bedroom windows - a contemporary bedroom with two beds and modern blinds in windows

Best Blinds for Bedroom Windows

When it comes to choosing the best blinds for bedroom window privacy, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice with Blindo’s huge range of window blinds. Depending on the amount of light you’d like to let in and the kind of style you’re going for, different styles of window coverings will serve different kinds of purposes. Out of all the rooms in the house, a bedroom requires the most amount of consideration as particular attention needs to be made for privacy concerns. But how do you go about choosing the best blinds for bedroom windows?

We’ve compiled a short guide on the best blinds for bedroom windows.

Best Blinds for Bedroom #1: Roller Blinds

For one of the most cost-effective solutions, you can’t go past roller blinds. Designed to compliment and enhance the beauty of your home without detracting from it, roller blinds are a simple yet classy window solution for your bedroom. A popular choice for their versatility, roller blinds come in a wide array of fabrics densities and colours – which means that it’s virtually impossible not to find a style of roller blinds that will suit your home.

Viewscreen Sunscreen Roller BlindsMatrix Light Filtering Roller BlindsHarmony Blockout Roller BlindCabaret Blockout Roller Blind

Best Blinds for Bedroom #2: Roman Blinds

For all your bedroom window covering needs rolled in one, look no further than roman blinds. Designed specifically to keep rooms cool, roman blinds are one of the best blinds for bedroom windows as they both retain heat in winter and reduce heat in summer. Roman blinds are perfect for a clean, contemporary look that’s absolutely timeless.

Venus Blockout Plantation Roman BlindsPortsea Blockout Sewless Roman BlindsMatrix Blockout Classic Roman BlindsBuxton Blockout Classic Roman Blinds

Best Blinds for Bedroom #3: Panel Glides

If you’re looking to create a bedroom that oozes luxury and style, you can’t go wrong with panel glide blinds. A slightly more upmarket version of vertical blinds, panel glides offer a unique window furnishing solution that cleverly slides to blockout light. Their simple drawing mechanism means they’re easy to use and easy to stack. Panel glide blinds are suited to bedrooms with large windows or doors as the wide panels are designed to cover more areas.

Active Blockout Plain Panel Glide BlindsMatrix Blockout Plain Panel Glide BlindsHarmony Blockout Plain Panel Glide BlindsVibe Blockout Plain Panel Glide Blinds

Best Blinds for Bedroom #4: Venetian Blinds

Recognised for their wooden slats, venetian blinds are a favourite amongst homeowners as they’re stylish and timeless. However, when it comes to the rooms they’re suited for, venetian blinds may not be one of the best blinds for bedroom windows. This is because venetian blinds have gaps between the slats, which makes it easy for sunshine to leak through. However, if you don’t mind a bit of sunshine, venetian blinds are a nice, contemporary choice for your bedroom.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

We hope we’ve answered the question ”what are the best blinds for bedrooms?” for you! If you’d like to check out some of our blinds and shutters or talk to an expert about suitable window coverings for your bedroom, please get in touch with us. If your bedroom has windows that are difficult to fit, we also offer custom made curtains.

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