Blockout Panel Glides

Blockout panel glides are the best blinds for creating shade in large, spacious areas, featuring wide panels that you can slide quickly across doors, windows, or open walls.

Whether you’re dealing with floor-to-ceiling windows or wall-to-wall doors, blockout panel glides will give you the convenience and coverage you’re looking for.


If you’re looking for maximum shade and sun protection in your living space, then blockout panel glide blinds should be one of your top choices. Here’s why:

100% Blockout Capacity

Blockout panel glides provide full shade and sunlight protection, allowing you to keep your room cooler throughout the day and protecting your furniture from harsh UV rays. The thick blockout fabrics also provide full privacy when you need it, blocking views and minimising visibility from the outside.


Panel glides let you cover open spaces more effectively, thanks to their panels that are typically wider or longer than most traditional blinds. The intuitive tracking system also lets you slide these blinds into place quickly, allowing you to completely cover wide doors and windows in seconds.


Blockout panel glide blinds come in a variety of styles and designs, so you’ll find it easy to pick a set that matches the look of your living space. We offer blockout panel blinds in different colours and fabrics, giving you a range of options for complementing your room’s style. Whether you’re looking for plain panel glide blinds or those with more texture and colour, you’ll always have plenty to choose from.


Because they’re designed to block out the sun every day, blockout panel glides are naturally tough and long lasting. Their thick fabrics can withstand years of daily sun exposure, giving you a durable set of blinds that will keep working long after you install them. The thick fabrics are also resistant to wear and tear, making them tougher and more durable than standard sets of blinds.

Easy to Install and Maintain

With their simple tracking system and minimal moving parts, blockout panel glides are conveniently quick and easy to install. Once you’ve set up the tracking system and installed the panels, you’re free to use these blinds however you wish. And because the panels are longer and wider than most other blinds, you’ll also find them easier to handle whenever you need to give them a quick clean.

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A Top Choice for Wide, Open Spaces

Thanks to their large panels and easy-to-use tracking system, blockout panel glides will always be one of the top choices for covering large doors and windows. They make great additions to:

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