Child Safety

Blinds and Child Safety

Children are naturally inquisitive and are drawn to hanging objects where they can tug on them and interact with them. If you have blinds and curtains which have long and unsecured cords or dangling ends you run the risk of your child being choked or strangled with them.

It is imperative that you stay safe in your home and do not run the risk of your child being strangled with your blinds and curtains. At Blindo all of our blinds are supplied with your child’s safety in mind. We are committed to ensuring that your home is a safe space for your children, and that you are not at risk of a devastating accident.

All of our Blindo products are manufactured with safety devices which you can install which will make your curtains and blinds as safe as possible, and our safety team are available to answer any questions you may have about your blinds.

This article is a short guide on how to keep your home safe when it comes to your blinds, which has been written with guidance from the ACCC.

Blind and curtain safety

Blinds need cords to be able to lift and lower them. If you have blinds which have long and unsecured cords on them you are running the risk of creating a strangulation hazard for kids. When you buy your Blindo blinds, ensure that you affix the safety features and secure all long cords away from harm. After all, many blinds and curtains are operated using long cords so you have to be vigilant in the home to keep your kids safe.

We have a range of safety and installation tips which can be found on our website, so please take a look at our guide on how to install blinds, and explore some of the different blinds options to see what will work best for your home.

How to install your blinds and curtains safely

Installing your blinds and curtains requires focus on child safety. When you have blinds with dangling cords such as Venetian blinds you need to loop the cords out of harm’s way or consider cutting the cords and shortening them that way. In some cases, your blinds will need their long cord to be able to operate, in which case you will need to secure the cord out of harm’s way and above the finger height of your child.

Read more about measuring and installing your Blindo blinds in the home for maximum safety and perfect-fitting blinds.

Encourage Safe Play in the Home

While your blinds and cords can provide a safety risk it is important to encourage children to play safely around your blinds and windows. Young children like to crawl and explore on furniture and can often climb up on things to see out of windows. If children become tangled in the cord and then slip they can quickly get into trouble. It is important that you do not leave your children alone in rooms with blinds or cords for even a short while – as they may become trapped in a cord and suffer injury or death.

When buying your blinds ensure that you can secure them out of harm’s way.

Don’t put your children’s cot, highchair, or playpen near a window where blind cords or curtains are nearby.

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