Why Blindo

At Blindo customers are our number one priority we take great measures to ensure that we can be of assistance to you throughout your experience at Blindo.

[email protected] and 1300 884 749 are just few avenues that we use to create ultimate customer service for you where we can personally assist you with your shopping.

Like the Blindo products you purchase we continue to offer great customer service throughout your long lasting experience with us by providing knowledge on how to clean and maintain your Blindo product.

Blindo products are direct from the factory which guarantees all our customers will find the perfect product they are wanting at wholesale prices.

We offer prices that are up to 70% lower which differentiates us from the rest as you are left with more money in your pockets.

Another incredible part of our pricing is that not only are you receiving affordable products but the quality that you are receiving is unquestionable.

As an online store we take your privacy and security seriously. It is important to us that when you are shopping your information is secured which is why we have invested in ensuring that we operate and control under strict guidelines to make sure your shopping experience is a safe one. For further information please view our Privacy Policy.

Our competitors offer free delivery but do not fall for this service as they are paying minimum delivery costs meaning that your product is not insured for any damages, losses and no guarantee that your product will be delivered at all.

It is important to us that this does not happen on our watch therefore we use reliable courier services which deliver Australia Wide. Our delivery costs guarantee that your product will be delivered and is insured for any damages or losses that may occur during this process.

Need More Information?

If you need more help with installing any of our blinds, please call us on 1300 884 749 or send us a message. We’ll be more than happy to provide any information you need to ensure a proper installation on your doors or windows.

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