Blockout Vertical Blinds

Blockout Vertical Blinds Combine Full Blockout Capacity With Superior Control and Ease-of-use

Giving You a Functional and User-friendly Set of Blinds for Your Home or Office.

At Blindo, you’ll find a wide range of blockout vertical blinds that can be delivered Australia wide and will instantly make your private and commercial spaces more comfortable. Explore our collection of blockout vertical blinds today to find the right set for your property.


100% Blockout Capacity

Blockout vertical blinds provide the full privacy and sun protection that blockout blinds are known for. Their slats are made of thick materials that block out the sun and natural light when they’re closed This makes them excellent for living spaces that face heavy sunlight exposure on a daily basis or areas that you want to keep completely private.

Easy to Use

These blinds are one of the easiest blockout blinds to use and operate, providing a simple tracking mechanism that lets you slide the blades in and out effortlessly. These blinds also let you cover wide, open spaces quickly, making them one of the best blinds for pairing with large doors and windows.


These blinds feature adjustable blades that let you change the angle of the blinds to suit your needs. You can set them up straight to let in plenty of sunlight and visibility or tilt them flat to shut out light and create complete privacy. Together with their intuitive tracking systems, blockout vertical blinds offer a higher level of control that many other blinds simply can’t match.

Low Maintenance

Because these blinds are set up vertically, they’re less likely to collect dust and debris. This makes them quick and easy to clean. A simple wipe using a brush or cloth is all that’s needed to keep them clean and in good And if you want to give your blinds a more thorough clean, you can even remove them from their brackets and clean them with soap and water.


Blockout vertical blinds come in a wide range of colours and styles, giving you different options for styling your home or office. You’ll find a variety of solid colours to choose from, and some models even have patterned fabrics that give them added flourishes. Whether you want plain-looking blinds or those with more style and sophistication, you’ll have plenty to choose from amongst these blinds.

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A Match for Different Rooms

Are you looking for blockout vertical blinds? At Blindo, we have you covered. With several styles and colours to choose from and an operating system that makes them incredibly easy to use, when you buy blockout vertical blinds, you can ensure that they will make a great fit in a variety of living spaces and work areas:

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