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Roller blinds are one of the most popular types of window coverings today, combining affordability with a range of other features.

Roller blinds are available in various shades and levels of opacity so that you can find the right level for your needs. They also offer cost-effective solutions to both privacy and light control. The simplicity in operation also makes them some of the easiest types on windows to use: just roll them up or down at will!

If you are looking for a way to block out the sun from your home, roller blinds are an excellent option. Roller blinds come in complete blockout options so that you can shield furniture and other items from UV rays. There is also the option of light filtering roller blinds which will soften outside light without blocking it completely. Roller blinds offer privacy and protection no matter what style or function of a room they’re used in, making them perfect window coverings for any home! Browse our collection today to buy roller blinds online and find the perfect pieces for your windows.

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Blockout Roller Blinds

Blockout roller blinds are the perfect choice for you if you want to block out sunlight but still have the convenience of a rolling mechanism. Blockout roller blinds provide maximum sun protection, and when they’re not in use, you can roll them up to let more natural light into your home.

  • 100% privacy
  • Insulates room
  • Long-lasting materials

Light Filtering Roller Blinds

Light filtering roller blinds are a great way to reduce the amount of UV entering your room while still allowing some sunlight in. These blinds will not block out all of the sun, but they will create shade without blocking out all light. This is perfect for those who want a balance between openness and privacy.

  • UV-treated fabrics
  • Anti-fading properties
  • Match different themes and décors

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Do you love your view? Do you want to make sure it stays just as clear and beautiful? A great way to do that is by installing sunscreen roller blinds. These are the perfect solution for living spaces with a lot of outdoor views, because they minimise glare while still letting in plenty of natural light. Sunscreen roller blinds offer the most visibility in our collection of rollers thanks to their thin and transparent fabrics.

  • High UV and insulation ratings
  • Anti-fading properties
  • Materials made of PVC and polyester for extra durability

Double Roller Blinds

If you’re looking for a two-in-one solution to your window blind dilemmas, consider double roller blinds. The clever design offers the best of both worlds: total privacy and light filtering. Whether you want to block out all sunlight or let some in – it’s easy with double roller blinds!

  • Custom fit to your windows
  • Anti-fading properties
  • Highly versatile & practical 

Cassette Roller Blinds

Cassettes are a great option for those who want to block out light coming in from the side of their window or door. Cassettes have a headbox and side channels that go around the roller blind to stop any light beaming in from the sides. When the cassette roller blind is in use, you are eliminating all light. The cassette roller blind has a sleek aluminium encasement and when it’s time for bedtime or naptime, all light is eliminated by the completely opaque material inside the cassette.

What Roller Blinds Offer

Roller blinds offer numerous benefits to any home, including:


Roller blinds are a great way to control the amount of light coming into your home. They are also perfect for keeping out prying eyes, and they can be closed or opened quickly and easily thanks to their rolling mechanism.

Curtain Alternatives

Roller blinds offer a no fuss alternative to curtains, providing shade without the formality.


There are many different types of roller blinds available on the market today. You can choose from a variety of materials such as vinyl, fabric or PVC, and opacity options: Light filtering, sunscreen and blockout.

Easy Installation

Roller blinds are a fantastic option for those who want a window covering that is easy to install. Roller blinds do not require any holes or screws in the wall and can be installed without any previous experience. Everything is included in each set, so you won't have to worry about running out of supplies halfway through your project!


If you are looking for a way to save money on your window coverings, it is time to consider rollers. With so many different types of windows and styles of homes it can be difficult to find the perfect match for your home. That is why we offer an affordable product that gives shade and privacy at competitive prices!

Custom Made

Custom window blinds are a great way to add personality and style to your home or office. Window roller blinds, in particular, can be customised with any colour you like! They're also useful for windows or doors in unusual sizes, shapes, and dimensions - they will fit perfectly no matter what size the window is. So, if you're looking for a new look at your home or office that's individual and unique to you, contact us today!

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