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Indoor roller blinds are some of the most cost-effective blinds today, combining stylish looks and simple controls with affordable prices.

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Our Range of Roller Blinds

Browse our stunning range of blinds below and add value to your home today!

Blockout Roller Blinds

Blockout roller blinds are the choice for you if you want blinds that offer maximum sunlight protection. Blockout roller blinds provide the sunlight blocking capabilities that you expect from blockout barriers, but with the added convenience of a rolling mechanism. You can roll them up whenever you want to let sunlight in and roll them down for more shade and privacy.

  • 100% blockout privacy
  • Provides additional room insulation
  • High-quality materials for superior durability

Light Filtering Roller Blinds

Light filtering roller blinds are perfect for creating shade without blocking sunlight completely. They soften the sunlight that filters through the windows, reducing its glare and reducing the amount of UV that enters your room. These blinds also provide a degree of privacy, creating barriers that are halfway between transparent and completely opaque, providing a balance between openness and privacy.

  • UV-treated fabrics
  • Anti-fading properties
  • Designs that match different themes and décors

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Sunscreen roller blinds offer the most visibility in our collection of rollers thanks to their thin and transparent fabrics. Minimising outdoor glare while keeping your views intact, they are the ideal blinds for living spaces with outdoor views, providing shade without blocking the view.

  • High UV and insulation ratings
  • Anti-fading properties
  • Materials made of PVC and polyester for extra durability

Double Roller Blinds

Double roller blinds offer two blind solutions in one and are a great option for those who can’t decide between complete blockout and light filtering. Whether you want total privacy or to let the sun trickle in, it’s easy to make the switch with double roller blinds.

  • Custom made to fit your windows
  • Anti-fading properties
  • Highly versatile & practical 

Cassette Roller Blinds

Cassette Roller blinds is the best solution for 100% blockout.

  • Cassettes have a headbox and side channels that go around the roller blind to stop any light beaming in from the sides. When the cassette roller blind is in use, you are eliminating all light.
  • The beauty of Cassettes is the that the headbox and side channels cover the roll of the blind itself and runs smoothly into the Aluminium encasement.
  • Completely customisable, you can pick from any fabric, headbox and side channel colour to suit.

As Cassette Roller Blinds are custom made, one of our Blindo Experts would need to complete a measure and quote to ensure that the window frame supports this type of window furnishing. Cassettes are ideal for Media Rooms, Cinema Rooms, Nurseys, Kids Bedrooms and anywhere that has excess light.

What Roller Blinds Offer

Indoor roller blinds are hard to beat if you’re looking for all-around blinds for your home or office. They offer:


Our rollers are among the most affordable blinds on the market, and even mid-range and high-end fabrics are reasonably priced. An economical choice for many homeowners and property managers, providing excellent shade cover and privacy at competitive prices.


Thanks to their rolling mechanism, you can close or open – your window roller blinds quickly and easily. Simple, no-fuss controls make them a breeze to use.


They come in different types such as blockout roller blindslight filtering roller blindssunscreen roller blinds and double roller blinds. Each kind offers varying shade and privacy levels, giving you various choices for how you want to control the light and privacy in your room. 

Easy Installation

Easy to install, with minimal equipment required to ensure a proper fit in your windows. All necessary brackets and fixing screws are included in each set for quick installation.

Curtain Alternatives

Rollers offer a great alternative to curtains in providing comparable shade and cover without the fuss or formality.

Custom Made

we can also create custom made window roller blinds that fit any window or door. These customised blinds are useful for windows or doors in unusual sizes, shapes and dimensions. You can also customise your indoor roller blinds to match the style and features of your room

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Practical Blinds for Your Home

Roller blinds online are one of the most practical and cost-effective blinds you can get.

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