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Panel Glide Blinds Are the Perfect Blinds for Large Sliding Doors, Wide Doorways, and Wall-to-wall Windows.

These blinds are designed to slide smoothly on a fixed panel track, letting you cover or uncover wide spaces in seconds.

At Blindo, you’ll find high-quality, reasonably priced and designed to last for years panel glides. We have blockout panel blindslight filtering panel blinds, sewless and plantation or plain options that come in a variety of styles and colours.

Types of Panel Glide Blinds Available from Blindo

Browse our stunning range of blinds below and add value to your home today!

Blockout Panel Glides

Blockout panel blinds offer complete blockout privacy, providing an effective barrier against the sun and outdoor visibility. These blinds feature 100% polyester fabrics and sizes ranging from 1500mm to 6000mm. Sewless panels and Plantation panels with timber battens are also available.

  • 100% blockout privacy
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable tracking system

Light Filtering Panel Blinds

Light filtering panel glide blinds are semi-opaque blinds that let sunlight enter your room while minimising its strength and harsh glare. This helps create more comfortable lighting during the day and keeps your room well-lit with a level of privacy. Panel tracks can accommodate 3 to 11 panels simultaneously.

  • Filters natural light
  • Reduces glare and visibility from outside
  • Easy installation
  • A sturdy and reliable tracking system

Sunscreen Panel Glide Blinds

If you want to minimise sunlight in your room without blocking your entire view, then sunscreen panel glide blinds are the blinds for you. These blinds feature a PVC and polyester hybrid fabric that reduces glare and UV rays while being partially see-through. This feature makes them great for rooms where you want to maintain outdoor lighting and visibility. Panels are sized 550mm and come in the following colours:

  • Minimises glare and indoor sun exposure
  • See-through fabrics for more outdoor visibility
  • High insulation and UV rating
  • Anti-fading fabrics

Reasons to Use Panel Glides

When it comes to covering large open spaces, panel glide blinds will always be one of your top choices. Their main benefits include:

Ease of Use

Panel glides are one of the most accessible blinds to use, utilising a smooth track system that slides panels in and out of place. Most panel glide systems also use a simple drawing mechanism that will let you move blinds quickly whenever you want.


Most panel blinds are designed to have their blinds stack on top of each other when they’re fully drawn. This keeps them neatly in place when they’re not in use, helping you save space and making your room more appealing.


Panel glides are often designed with wide panels, making them one of the most practical blinds for covering large, open spaces. With panel glides, you can cover large areas more efficiently than other types of blinds.

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Why Blindo?

Blindo is one of Australia’s top suppliers of quality blinds, providing a variety of styles and accessories for different types of living spaces. Here’s why customers around Australia love to buy panel glide blinds online at our store:

We offer some of the cheapest and most affordable blinds on the market today. By sourcing our blinds directly from their manufacturers, we’re able to sell them at significantly lower prices than other outlets. In fact, some of our blinds can be as much as 70% cheaper.

Whatever product you get from Blindo, you can rest assured that it will always come with a 1-year warranty. This warranty ensures that you can get a replacement easily if it’s faulty or defective even long after you’ve installed it.

By sourcing our blinds directly from local factories and manufacturers, we ensure that all our blinds are Australian-made. This guarantees that they’re made according to Australian manufacturing standards and comply with all relevant safety regulations (including the Child Safety Act).

Not only are our blinds made in Australia, but they’re also made for Australian homes and offices. Australia’s weather is truly one-of-a-kind, and you need blinds that can handle its unpredictable weather and extreme climates. Our blinds will last and serve your home for years, whether you live in the outback, the city or the coast.

Panel Glides Brisbane

Choose from our wide range of panel glides to get the cover you need for your large windows and wide doorways. We offer blockout panel blinds, light filtering panel blinds and sunscreen panel blinds for just the right level of privacy and sunlight in your rooms. We also provide custom made blinds, giving you more options for fitting your doors or windows with the right setup.

If you need more information about our panel glide blinds, please call us on 1300 884 749 or send us a message.

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