Double Roller Blinds Brisbane

If you want top-notch privacy and sunlight control in your rooms, Blindo provides double roller blinds Brisbane wide that will give you the best of both worlds.

Advantages of Double Roller Blinds

Double roller blinds are popular with homeowners because they offer a range of unique advantages:


With dual roller blinds, you get two full blinds in a single bracket, saving you plenty of space on your walls and windows. They are perfect for those who can’t decide between blockout blinds or sunscreen blinds, and especially great for those who can’t live without both. These blinds allow you to get more value out of your window or door spaces.


Because they feature two full blinds in one bracket, double roller blinds offer twice the functionality of your typical blinds. This means you won’t have to choose between a blockout blind or a sunscreen blind – you’ll get both in the same package! This allows you to optimise the lighting and privacy in your rooms, letting you switch between either blind depending on what you need.

Privacy Control

Two types of blinds in a single bracket mean you have more control of the privacy of your room than you would with single blinds. With our dual roller blinds you can choose the blockout blind for full privacy, or the sunscreen blind for something more open and transparent. If you want complete visibility for your windows or doors, simply draw both blinds up to have no blinds at all.


With two types of blinds for use, double roller blinds can fit in practically any type of room in your house. The blockout blind makes them useful in rooms that get plenty of sunlight or high visibility, while the sunscreen blind makes them valuable for spaces where you need a little less shade and privacy.

Easy to Use

They may sound a little complicated at first, but double roller blinds are incredibly easy to use. They feature an efficient control system that gives each blind a dedicated chain guide, and these chain guides let you raise or lower each blind with so much ease.

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Why Choose Blindo?

Although there are many double roller blinds on the market, you’ll find our choices at Blindo to be the most practical for your needs. Here’s why:

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To supply double roller blinds fit for your home, we need to first size your windows. Our sizing team services the Southeast Queensland area. If you need more information, please contact us.

Blindo Offers Double Roller Blinds Brisbane Wide

Get all-around sunlight protection and privacy in your home with double roller blinds for your doors and windows. They are among the most useful design solutions today, giving you two different blinds in one setup. With this system, you can use the right blinds for your needs or even use both simultaneously – the choice is yours!

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