Light Filtering Roman Blinds

If you want to minimise the glare and sunlight in your room without sacrificing style and elegance, then roman light filtering blinds should be one of your top choices.

These blinds seamlessly combine looks with function, giving you elegant blinds that effectively reduce the amount of sunlight in your room or living space.

At Blindo, you’ll find a variety of roman light filtering blinds that come in different colours and designs. No matter what type of room you need them for, you’ll find blinds here that will filter light in your room while looking beautiful at the same time. Browse through our collection today to find the perfect match for your doors or windows.



Our roman light filtering blinds feature designer finishes that make them look more elegant than your standard set of blinds. Their stylish looks offer a warm and welcoming feel that will feel at home in both private residences and commercial spaces.

Light Control

Like other light filtering blinds, these blinds provide the perfect middle ground between complete sun blockout and outright sunlight exposure. Designed to filter sunlight without completely blocking it out, these blinds produce softer lighting that can light up your living space without overpowering it. They are also useful for minimising outdoor glare, especially if your property is constantly exposed to reflected light.

Deflects UV Rays

Aside from reducing glare and sunlight in your room, these blinds are also designed to reflect UV rays. UV rays can damage your furniture or floors, especially if they’re placed in areas that are constantly exposed to the sun. By deflecting harmful UV rays, these blinds can protect your furniture and floors and make them last longer.

Easy to Use

Our roman light filtering blinds feature a simple chain and cordlock system that’s easy to use. This system lets you draw or drop your blinds in seconds, and it allows you to adjust your blinds quickly to control the amount of shade and privacy you want in your room.

Easy to Install

Thanks to their large and interconnected panels, our roman light filtering blinds are easy to install and set up in your room. Each set comes with installation instructions and all related accessories, allowing you to install them with minimal tools and experience.

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Sunlight Control for Different Rooms

By filtering sunlight without completely shutting it out, these blinds make a great match for different rooms and living spaces:

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