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Light filtering panel glides are one of the best types of blinds for controlling the amount of sunlight in your living space.

Here at Blindo, you’ll find a variety of panel glide blinds that can help make your living space more comfortable. These blinds are perfect for wide windows and open spaces, and they also make great panel glide blinds for sliding doors. Browse through our collection of light filtering panel glides today to find the right set for your room.


When it comes to blinds that can instantly make your room attractive and functional, light filtering panel glides are one of your top choices. Here’s what they offer:

Softer Shade

Light filtering panel glides filter sunlight without blocking it out completely, allowing some light to get through to your room. This creates a softer shade than other blinds, calming any light that passes through so that it’s easier on your eyes and skin. This effectively creates a warm glow in your room, reducing outdoor glare and keeping you and your guests more comfortable inside.


Light filtering panel glides are among the best blinds for creating shade in open spaces, making these blinds great for large rooms and extended areas. These blinds will let you cover wide spaces quickly, with large panels that you can slide into place in seconds. This makes them one of the best panel glide blinds for sliding doors, wide windows, and stretched entryways.

Easy to Use

The simple and intuitive tracking system of light filtering panel glides makes them incredibly easy to use. You can cover the entire width of your door, window, or wall with minimal effort, helping you create shade and privacy almost instantly.

Energy Efficient

Because light filtering panel glides let in some sun during the day, they can effectively and naturally brighten up your room. This means you won’t have to rely on electric lights as much during the day, helping you use less power and reducing your electric bill. Light filtering blinds also provide additional insulation in your living space, keeping your room more comfortable throughout the year.

Easy to Install & Maintain

Like other panel glide blinds, light filtering panel glides are easy to install and maintain. Once you’ve set up the tracking system on your wall and installed the panels, your blinds will be good to go. The large panels and tough fabrics also make them easier to clean than other blinds.

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Making Rooms More Comfortable

Thanks to their large panels and light filtering features, light filtering panel glides make excellent additions to rooms and living spaces that are constantly exposed to the sun during the day, including:

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