Cassette Roller Blinds

Cassette Roller Blinds Are the Best Solution for 100% Blockout.

Cassette roller blinds have a headbox and side channels that go around the roller blind to stop any light beaming in from the sides. When the cassette blinds are in use, you are eliminating all light leaving the room in complete darkness.

The beauty of cassette roller blinds is that the headbox and side channels cover the roll of the blind itself and runs smoothly into the aluminium encasement. This makes them a popular choice for shift workers, as these types of blinds are highly effective at stopping even the smallest amount of sunlight from streaking through. Cassette Blinds are also very popular for nurseries and kids’ rooms eliminating light for daytime naps.

Completely customisable, you can pick from any fabric, headbox and side channel colour to suit. Contact us by calling 1300 884 749, email [email protected] or request a measure and quote online to get started today.

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As cassette roller blinds are custom made, one of our Blindo experts would need to complete a measure and quote to ensure that the window frame supports this type of window furnishing.

Domestic cassette blinds are ideal for media rooms, cinema rooms, nurseries, kids’ bedrooms and anywhere that requires light to be blocked for comfort.

Why Choose Blindo?

Although there are many cassette roller blinds in the market, you’ll find our choices at Blindo to be the most practical for your needs. Here’s why:

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