Sunscreen Roman Blinds

Combining the Protection of Screen Fabric With the Functionality of the Roman Blinds Design.

Our range of sunscreen Roman blinds for windows are ideal for reflecting heat and glare during hot summer days. Roman blinds operate with a simple draw string. When pulled, the fabric of the blind folds up into itself. This unique design makes for a stylish addition to your home.

At Blindo, all our roman sunscreen blinds are proudly Australian made with a designer finish – providing that quality look everyone wants in their home.

Why Choose Sunscreen Roman Blinds for Your Home?

Our Australian made roman sunscreen blinds perfectly hold back the blistering heat of summer while also letting you see through to the outdoors with the blinds drawn. Here are even more reasons to choose this outstanding window covering option for your home:


We offer different styles of roman sunscreen blinds, giving you several choices for finding the perfect piece for your living space. Whatever design or colour you desire, you’ll always have plenty of options for how you want your windows and rooms to look.

Day Time Privacy

When your blinds are drawn in the daytime, anyone outside will not be able to look in, giving you much needed privacy.

Enjoy Views Outside

Keep the privacy you crave in the daytime without having to bock the views outside. With your sunscreen blinds drawn, you’ll still be able to enjoy the landscape beyond your window.

Light & UV Protection

Our sunscreen fabric blocks out over 90% of the light, reducing the UV rays coming into your room. This stops any furniture or fabrics in your room from fading.

Easy to Install and Use

With only a few key parts required for setup, putting your new blinds in place will take no time at all. Roman blinds also feature a rolling system that makes it simple and straightforward to operate.


Your blinds will always look the same as they did the day you bought them, thanks to the anti-fade properties included in all sunscreen fabrics applied.


Manufactured with long lasting material, our Australian made blinds are the highest quality and will stand the test of time.

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Choosing the Right Room for Your Sunscreen Roman Blinds

Get Your Sunscreen Roman Blinds from Blindo

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