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Blockout Roman blinds offer 100% blockout privacy with a touch of elegance and sophistication.

These blinds balance form and function, giving you the look of traditional Roman blinds while providing full shade and privacy in your rooms.

At Blindo, you’ll find a wide range of blockout Roman blinds that you can match easily with different doors or windows in your home. These blinds offer the same classic look of traditional Roman blinds, but they’re also made with special fabrics that block out the sun completely when you need it. Browse our collection of blockout Roman blinds online today to find the perfect set for your living space.


If you’re looking for blockout blinds that combine looks and performance, then Roman blockout blinds are the blinds for you. Here’s why:


They are perhaps the most stylish blockout blinds available today. They showcase the same elegance and sophistication that traditional Roman blinds are known for but with the added benefit of blockout capabilities. While most other blockout blinds tend to look thick and rugged, Roman blockout blinds are noticeably more stylish and elegant.

Wide Range

They come in a variety of fabrics and materials, giving you several designs to choose from. Most other blockout blinds offer just a few designs, but Roman blockout blinds are made in a wide range of fabrics, colours, and styles.

Full Blockout Capabilities

With their large panels and thick fabrics, blockout Roman blinds provide the full blockout features that you expect from any good blockout solution. They’re thick enough to provide shade during the sunniest parts of the day while providing complete privacy during the night.


Because they’re designed to withstand constant sun exposure, Roman blockout blinds are also built to last for years. They feature tough and resilient fabrics that can endure heavy exposure to the sun, giving you a strong set of blinds that will do their job even in the hottest climates.

Easy Installation

Not only are Roman blockout blinds easy to use, but they’re also easy to install. Minimal skill and equipment are required to ensure a good setup, so you’ll find them easy to install even if you don’t have experience installing blinds. You can also set up or remove these blinds quickly in different rooms depending on the season.

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Great for Different Living Spaces

Because of their stylish looks and versatile design, Roman blockout blinds will feel at home in a variety of rooms and living spaces:

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