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Blindo is the online home for affordable yet high-quality blinds online. When you shop at Blindo, you can buy Australian made blinds at the lowest price, delivered Australia wide.

We carry an extensive range of Venetian, Roman, roller, vertical, double roller, and panel glide blinds at every screen level; From light sunscreens to full blockout blinds.

Our blinds come in a variety of different styles and colours giving you endless choice when styling your windows, doors, and rooms. Best of all, all our blinds come with a 2-year warranty, professional re-sizing, and insured delivery for your peace of mind.

Need Help Ordering Your Blinds Online

At Blindo, we know how important it is to buy blinds online that are not only perfectly suited to your home’s décor but are also the perfect fit; That’s why we carry an impressive range of blinds online to suit every style, home, and taste.

Ordering your blinds Brisbane and Australia wide with Blindo is easy! Simply choose the blinds you want in the closest possible size to your windows, and our professional re-sizing team will ensure they are the perfect fit every time.

Our Range of Blinds Online

Browse our stunning range of blinds below and add value to your home today!

Venetian Blinds Online

Venetian blinds are some of the most common blinds used in homes and offices. They’re versatile, easy to use and provide excellent light control. At Blindo, we offer several types of Venetian blinds in a range of different colours and materials for greater versatility.

Our aluminium venetian blinds feature 25mm slats aluminium slats that provide excellent durability for your blinds. Shop aluminium venetian blinds now.

Blindo range of econo venetian blinds features slats made of durable PVC material, which is resistant to warping and moisture. These slats are available in 50mm and 63.5mm sizes. Shop econo venetian blinds now.

Our timber venetian blinds combine outstanding looks with natural toughness to give you blinds that will look stylish for years. Slats for these blinds come in 50mm widths. Shop timber venetian blinds now.

Roman Blinds Online

Roman blinds are best identified by their soft fabric materials, which offer more style and sophistication than standard blinds. With their curtain-like design, they also make excellent alternatives to curtains, giving you similar styling and shading capabilities but with more flexibility.

Our blockout roman blinds feature thicker fabrics and materials that provide greater blocking of light and visibility. These units provide 100% blockout privacy, making them ideal choices for covering windows and doorways in private areas. Shop blockout roman blinds now.

Blindo range light filtering blockout blinds features UV-treated fabrics that filer natural light while providing adequate cover for privacy. Shop  light filtering roman blinds now.

Roller Blinds Online

Roller blinds are one of the most cost-effective options for homeowners, they’re easy to use, durable and affordable. These blinds are identified by their rolling mechanisms, which allows greater usability and greater light control.

Blockout roller blinds are designed to provide 100% blockout privacy and superior insulation in rooms and living spaces. Blockout roller blinds function much like other blockout blinds, but with the added convenience of being rolled up quickly whenever you don’t need them. Shop blockout roller blinds now.

Light filtering roller blinds are constructed with UV-treated fabrics that filter UV rays and direct sunlight, softening the light that enters your room while maintaining privacy. These blinds are ideal for rooms that you want to keep well-lit yet private. Shop light filtering roller blinds now.

Sunscreen roller blinds are designed with a PVC-polyester fabric that reduces glare while providing a more see-through material for more unobstructed views during the day. These are best used together with blockout blinds if you want maximum room privacy at night. These blinds are designed with anti-fading properties and feature high insulation and UV ratings. Shop sunscreen roller blinds now.

Vertical Blinds Online

Vertical blinds offer a streamlined appearance and superior functionality. Perfect for large windows or wide doors they are the perfect complement to your home. We have vertical blinds in 89mm and 127mm sizes, with a range of styles and colours to suit every home’s décor.

Blockout vertical blinds are perfect for 100% sunlight blockout & privacy in your rooms. Blockout vertical blinds are particularly great for wide doors and windows.  Shop Blockout Vertical Blinds Online now.

Light filtering vertical blinds are perfect for letting sunlight in your rooms while reducing any harsh glares. These blinds soften any light that gets in, bathing your rooms in a warm, soft glow instead of direct sunlight. Shop light filtering vertical blinds now.

Panel Glide Blinds Online

Panel glide blinds make outstanding alternatives to vertical blinds and curtains, especially if you want to cover large windows and doors for spacious areas. Our panel glides come in a variety of fabrics and materials, with different filtering capabilities that are ideal for all settings.

Blockout panel glides blinds provide 100% blockout privacy and maximum coverage from sunlight exposure. Shop blockout panel glide blinds now.

Light filtering panel glide blinds are designed to filter natural light while providing ample sunlight protection and privacy. Shop light filtering panel glide blinds now.

Sunscreen panel glide blinds are best for minimising outdoor glare and reducing sunlight exposure in your rooms. Shop sunscreen panel glide blinds now.

Double Roller Blinds Online

Double roller blinds feature two types of blinds in one bracket, giving you full control of how much light and visibility you want in your room. The combination of both blockout and sunscreen blinds gives you unparalleled light control and the flexibility to switch between the two to get the best of both worlds.

With over 27 varieties of blockout blinds and 5 colour varieties of sunscreen blinds to choose from, finding the right double rollers to match your home décor is a breeze.

Why Buy Blinds Online with Blindo?

If you want to buy blinds online and get the most value for your money, you won’t find a better choice than Blindo. Here’s why:

Affordable Prices

At Blindo, we work directly with factories and manufacturers to get you the best price when you buy blinds online. You’ll find our blinds to be as much as 70% cheaper than our competitors on the market.

Made in Australia

When you need something made to last, and tested to the harsh Australian environment, choose Australian made blinds from Blindo. Our blinds are made according to Australian standards of quality and built for our local environments. Our range of products are also predominately sourced from local suppliers and manufacturers to guarantee quality and affordability.

Professional Resizing

Choose from our stunning range our blinds and our professional re-sizing team can get you the perfect fit for your windows and living space. Our re-sizing service ensures that your blinds are cut cleanly and professionally without damaging their material and structure.

Buy Blinds Online for Any Room or Occasion

Ready to order but are looking for more information on any of our blinds and shutters? Our team of blind consultants are always here to help you find the perfect blinds online Australia wide.

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