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Blindo is the home for top quality, affordable window blinds delivered right to your door. We carry a wide range of blind options, including Roman, Venetian, roller, roman and more, with fabrics ranging from light filtering to complete blockout.

Available in various styles, colours and sizes, there’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect window blinds when you shop with Blindo. Order with confidence with Blindo’s 2-year warranty and insured delivery.

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Our Range of Blinds Online

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Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are one of the most popular types of window blinds available and are commonly used for lounge areas and office spaces. Available in timber, PVC and aluminium, our range of Venetian blinds are easy to clean and highly durable.

Our aluminium venetian blinds feature 25mm slats aluminium slats that provide excellent durability for your blinds. Shop aluminium venetian blinds now.

Blindo range of econo venetian blinds features slats made of durable PVC material, which is resistant to warping and moisture. These slats are available in 50mm and 63.5mm sizes. Shop econo venetian blinds now.

Our timber venetian blinds combine outstanding looks with natural toughness to give you blinds that will look stylish for years. Slats for these blinds come in 50mm widths. Shop timber venetian blinds now.

Roman Blinds

Characterised by their simple elegance, roman blinds are a timeless classic that can be used in any area of the house. Ideal for a minimalistic look, these types of window blinds are fuss free and stylish and can be purchased in various colours and fabric densities.

Our blockout roman blinds feature thicker fabrics and materials that provide greater blocking of light and visibility. These units provide 100% blockout privacy, making them ideal choices for covering windows and doorways in private areas. Shop blockout roman blinds now.

Blindo range light filtering blockout blinds features UV-treated fabrics that filer natural light while providing adequate cover for privacy. Shop  light filtering roman blinds now.

Roller Blinds

Easy to maintain and cost effective, Roller blinds offer a simple style to complement any décor. Operating with a rolling mechanism, roller blinds allow optimum usability and privacy control. These types of blinds are available in a wide range of colours, styles, and fabric densities.

Blockout roller blinds are designed to provide 100% blockout privacy and superior insulation in rooms and living spaces. Blockout roller blinds function much like other blockout blinds, but with the added convenience of being rolled up quickly whenever you don’t need them. Shop blockout roller blinds now.

Light filtering roller blinds are constructed with UV-treated fabrics that filter UV rays and direct sunlight, softening the light that enters your room while maintaining privacy. These blinds are ideal for rooms that you want to keep well-lit yet private. Shop light filtering roller blinds now.

Sunscreen roller blinds are designed with a PVC-polyester fabric that reduces glare while providing a more see-through material for more unobstructed views during the day. These are best used together with blockout blinds if you want maximum room privacy at night. These blinds are designed with anti-fading properties and feature high insulation and UV ratings. Shop sunscreen roller blinds now.

Vertical Blinds

If you’re looking to cover a wide window space or sliding door, vertical blinds are the perfect choice. These are great for blocking out light and operate using a simple sliding mechanism. Available in 89mm and 127mm sizes, vertical blinds can fit a wide range of doors and windows and are easily maintained with a simple sweep of the brush.

Blockout vertical blinds are perfect for 100% sunlight blockout & privacy in your rooms. Blockout vertical blinds are particularly great for wide doors and windows.  Shop Blockout Vertical Blinds Online now.

Light filtering vertical blinds are perfect for letting sunlight in your rooms while reducing any harsh glares. These blinds soften any light that gets in, bathing your rooms in a warm, soft glow instead of direct sunlight. Shop light filtering vertical blinds now.

Panel Glide Blinds Online

As a more modern alternative to vertical blinds, panel glide blinds are fantastic for covering large windows and doors. These window blinds are available in a diverse range of fabrics, and come in light filtering, sunscreen and blockout options.

Blockout panel glides blinds provide 100% blockout privacy and maximum coverage from sunlight exposure. Shop blockout panel glide blinds now.

Light filtering panel glide blinds are designed to filter natural light while providing ample sunlight protection and privacy. Shop light filtering panel glide blinds now.

Sunscreen panel glide blinds are best for minimising outdoor glare and reducing sunlight exposure in your rooms. Shop sunscreen panel glide blinds now.

Double Roller Blinds Online

Double roller blinds offer the best of both worlds, using two types of blinds on one bracket. This gives you the most control when it comes to privacy and light, and allows you to customise with different fabrics, such as light filtering and complete blockout.

We offer over 27 varieties of blockout blinds, so finding the right window blinds for your home will be as easy as 1,2,3.

Why Order Blinds with Blindo?

Looking to buy quality ‘blinds near me’ at affordable prices? You won’t find a better deal than with Blindo! See why so many choose Blindo:

Affordable Prices

At Blindo, we’re all for passing savings onto our customers, which is why we work directly with manufacturers to get the best deal possible. You’ll find our range of blinds up to 70% cheaper than our competitors.

Made in Australia

The Australian climate is notoriously strong, and window blinds need to be able to withstand the sun’s harsh rays. All our window blinds have been created in accordance with Australian standards and built to match local environments. With a quality guarantee, you can rest assured your window blinds won’t fade or bend under pressure.

Professional Resizing

Need your window blinds resized? Not a problem, our professional resizing team can create the perfect fit, without damaging the material or structure.

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