Sunscreen Panel Glide Blinds

Sunscreen Panel Glide Blinds Are Perfect for Protecting You and Your Guests From the Glare and Harsh Effects of Direct Sunlight.

Here at Blindo, you’ll find a variety of sunscreen panel glide blinds that are perfect for your large sliding doors and wide windows. We offer panel glide blinds in different fabrics and colours, giving you more choices for finding the right design to match your room’s style and décor.

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Sunscreen panel glide blinds offer a variety of features that make them excellent additions to any large room or living space.


Unlike other types of blinds, sunscreen panel glide blinds offer a high level of visibility. They don’t block your views or distort whatever’s outside your doors or windows, making them perfect for rooms and lookouts that boast amazing views. These are the blinds to get if you want to protect your room from the sun without sacrificing outdoor visibility.

Wide coverage

Panel glide blinds are renowned for their speed and ease of use, letting you cover large, open spaces in seconds. These blinds are also one of the best blinds for covering large entryways, whether it’s wall-to-wall windows or long sliding doors. With their smooth and intuitive tracking system, drawing or spreading these blinds across the room will be a breeze.

Sunlight protection

Aside from reducing the harsh glare of the sun, sunscreens also help reduce the amount of UV rays that get into your room. Although their level of sun protection isn’t as high as other types of blinds (i.e. blockout blinds), they do provide enough of a barrier to help make your rooms more comfortable during bright and sunny days.


With their plain and straightforward designs, you’ll find it easy to mix and match sunscreen panel glides with different types of rooms. They also come in a variety of colours and fabrics, allowing you to choose a style that complements your room’s décor. Whether it’s for your home or commercial property, these blinds can help you make any room feel more comfortable instantly.

Easy to install and maintain

Like other panel glide blinds, sunscreen panel glide blinds are quick and easy to set up. With a simple tracking system and minimal moving parts, you can have these blinds up and ready for use in no time. And because the panels are often long and wide, they’re easier to wipe and clean than other types of blinds.

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Keep Your Beautiful Room Views

With their thin fabrics and see-through panels, sunscreen panel glide blinds let you keep your room’s views while protecting your guests from the sun. This makes them the ideal blinds for rooms and areas with views too good to shut away. These include:

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