Blockout Roller Blinds

Blockout Roller Blinds Are a Quick Way to Create Full Shade and Privacy in Your Home

Take your pick from our diverse collection of Blockout Roller Blinds, and choose the perfect style for your room or living space. We offer block out roller blinds in several designs and colours, giving you plenty of options to choose from.


If privacy and ease of use are what you’re after, then Blockout Roller Blinds are hard to beat. Here’s what makes these roll down shades such great additions to homes and offices:

Complete Blockout and Privacy

Blockout Roller Blinds provide 100% blockout privacy, keeping harsh sunlight out during the day and blocking views into your room at night. These are the blinds to get if you want complete privacy in your rooms or need effective shade in areas that are heavily exposed to the sun.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Roll down blinds are quick and easy to install, with only a few main parts to set up to get them working. Unlike other blinds with complicated drawing mechanisms, these block out roller blinds feature a rolling system that’s simple and straightforward. They’re also easy to clean and maintain, often requiring just a periodic wipe down to keep them in top condition.

Additional Insulation

Thanks to their thicker fabrics and sun-blocking capabilities, Blockout Roller Blinds can also provide additional insulation. They can help stabilise your room’s temperature by keeping the warmth or coolness inside, and can also block sunlight from fully entering your living space to help keep your rooms cooler during the hotter seasons.


Because they’re designed to keep the sun away and provide shade during the day, these blinds are made with tough and durable materials that can withstand constant sun exposure. The best Blockout Roller Blinds will last you years, even if they’re used in rooms that are directly exposed to the sun every day.

Fast Operation

These block out roller blinds are one of the fastest blinds to adjust. Thanks to their simple roller system, you can draw or drop these blinds quickly to create the level of shade and privacy you need.

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Sunlight Protection for Different Rooms

With their simple design, ease of use, and ability to completely block out the sun, block out roller blinds will easily find a home a variety of rooms:

Practical Blinds for Your Home

Block out roller blinds are some of the most practical and cost-effective blinds you can get.

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