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Best Curtains & Best Blinds for Kids Room

When it comes to choosing kids bedroom curtains and blinds, there’s one thing every parent will prioritise over good design – and that’s safety. We’ve compiled a list of best blinds for kids room ideas that offer privacy and safety, without compromising on style.

Best Blinds for Kids Room

Best Blinds for Kids Room: Privacy Blinds

If your child’s bedroom is facing a busy street, having blinds that provide a large degree of privacy is undoubtedly one of the largest concerns. In most cases, vertical blinds are the best solution for window privacy as they’re a cost-effective way to easily control privacy. However, due to its chain mechanism, vertical blinds might not be the best option as they’re a safety hazard for small children. Panel glide blinds offer a similar window furnishing solution without the potential danger. Engineered with easy-to-slide panels, panel glide blinds are a safe, stylish alternative to traditional blinds.

Best blinds for Kids Room: Light Blocking Blinds

Those who are sensitive to even a single ray of sunlight can benefit from light blocking blinds. Roman, roller, panel glide and vertical blinds are all available in light-blocking options, which range from light filtering to complete blockout. Though Venetian blinds are a fan favourite amongst households for stylistic similarities to shutters, they don’t make the best blinds for kid’s room as the slats can allow light to creep through. Ask us about our new range of Cassette Roller Blinds which are 100% blockout!

Curtains for Kids Room

When it comes to curtains for kids’ room ideas, custom-made can make all the difference. If you find that the curtain options available are a little bit boring or don’t have the exact style you’re looking for, custom made curtains offer an infinite spectrum of colours, fabrics and designs. On the hunt for a pair of curtains that match your daughter’s unicorn theme? No problem, a pair of rainbow curtains can be easily created.

Curtains for Girls Room

If blinds and shutters aren’t your cups of tea, curtains may prove to be a better solution. If you’re looking at curtains for girls’ room ideas, you’ve undoubtedly been spoilt for choice. Curtains are a fantastic option for little ones as they’re harder to break (i.e yank proof) and have fewer safety concerns than window furnishings with chain mechanisms. For older children, you can add some fun tiebacks and tassels to the curtains to give it that added touch of luxury.

Curtains for Boys Room

Whether it’s billowing sheer white curtains for the nursery, or some smart new drapes for a growing boy, the possibilities for decorating a boy’s room are endless. If you’re decorating a nursery, curtains with a short drape are advised as toddlers can get tangled in long drapes. Though cordless blinds are preferable, curtains are safe for a nursery if they’re at an appropriate length and don’t have any accompanying chords. If you’re stuck on curtains for boys’ room ideas, take a look at our Instagram feed for some inspiration!

We hope we’ve given you some good ideas on kids’ bedroom curtains and blinds. If you’d like to talk to a window covering specialist about decorating your child’s room, please get in contact and a member of our team will get in touch shortly. You can browse our range of curtains and blinds Brisbane & Gold Coast range online at Blindo today!

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