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Blindo x ESTIA Constructions

ESTIA Constructions Highgate Hill Build

If luxury living is what you’re looking for, you’ve found it right here in the Domum build completed perfectly, yet again, by ESTIA Constructions. Here we can see numerous features throughout the home that bring to life luxury, warmth, nature, and flares of Hamptons. In the living room, Blindo had the opportunity to install our popular PVC Shutters Brisbane homeowners continue to purchase in Vivid White, an ode to the gorgeous window frames that tie the entire space together whilst assisting in making the space feel open and airy.

Across the space where the dining area meets farmhouse chic, we’ve gently draped our custom made curtains of a sheer finish in Cannes Pearl, creating a seamless flow between the open plan kitchen and the rest of the entertaining and dining area.

 As we can see, courtesy of Harry Poulos Architect, this home boasts gorgeous intricacies not only within, but also above – with the ceiling showcasing a phenomenal show of bulkheads and beams, taking that Hamptons feel and drawing it upwards to contrast with the square edges seen regularly throughout this Domum home.
Living Room | Blindo x ESTIA Constructions Collaboration Project Image
Kitchen | Blindo x ESTIA Constructions Collaboration Project Image
Bathroom | Blindo x ESTIA Constructions Collaboration Project Image

In the bathroom, our Vivid White shutters rest as a backdrop for a corner of this abode where homeowners unwind, relax, wash away the day, and get ready to fall into a comfortable slumber. 

Known for being one of the quietest spaces within a home, our shutters play a vital role in providing that ‘blank space’ a canvas requires to simply work. With black fixtures throughout and an equally statement-making shower frame, our shutters contrast the dark features perfectly, tying in with the luxurious bathtub

Moving from the main area of this gorgeous Highgate Hill home, we sift into the bedrooms where we see our window coverings on show further.

In the main room, a Hamptons-esque bay window sits beautifully in the centre of the space, graced softly by our custom made curtains once again in Cannes Pearl and Epic Alabaster to add a magical finish to the master.

Bedroom | Blindo x ESTIA Constructions Collaboration Project Image
Small Bedroom | Blindo x ESTIA Constructions Collaboration Project Image

Ensuring that classic and modern touch remains a common theme, we utilised our access to our Roller Blinds online in Broome II Snow for complete convenience throughout the rest of the rooms – these have been installed seamlessly on larger and higher windowpanes, providing residents with light control and optimal privacy when it matters the most without compromising on style or aesthetics

These same Roller Blinds are also found in the media room of the home, a cosy space hugged by large windows that allow the outdoors in, with an abundance of storage solutions on the opposing side for maximum convenience. This allows anyone in the space to draw the blinds down when kicking back with a show or movie or bask in the sunlight on a relaxing afternoon. As a cherry on the cake, our beautiful custom made curtains make a comeback for a touch of elegance, framing the television perfectly and tying in elegantly with the colour palette of the home, a surely poignant approach by the interior designer, ESTIA Constructions, and Harry Poulos Architects themselves.

Media Room | Blindo x ESTIA Constructions Collaboration Project Image

Products Used:

Custom Made Curtains

  • Cannes Pearl
  • Epic Alabaster

PVC Shutters

  • Vivid White

Roller Blinds

Shapes, tones, and textures are important fundamentals when it comes to any build. With this Domum build by ESTIA Constructions, all of these aspects are gorgeously incorporated, bringing modern to life with classic touches in every single room. Working alongside such sharp builders, designers, and architects on this Highgate Hill home has been yet another wonderful opportunity for the Blindo team to showcase our range of high-end, cost effective window treatments. Bring magic to life in your homes with Blindo.

Ready to add a touch of uniqueness to your renovation or building project? Get in touch with us at Blindo today on 1300 884 749. Whether you’re looking for custom curtains, shutters, or roller blinds online, we’ve got you covered.

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