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Protect your home from the sun in style with our range of blockout curtains, available in different styles and colours to suit any décor.

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The Benefits of Blockout Curtains

Whether you have a window that is an unusual length or size, or if you have a particular design or style that you have in mind, custom curtains ensure you don’t have to settle for anything but the best. While custom curtains can cost slightly more than an off-the-shelf solution, the benefits of ordering custom made curtains online are worth investing that little bit more to get exactly what you want!

Filter Out Light

The biggest benefit of blockout curtains is the ability to effectively block out light from entering a room. This makes blockout curtains the perfect option for areas of the home where occupants are most sensitive to light, such as the bedroom or cinema room. The thick material and easy to draw drapes make blockout curtains an ideal option for keeping the sunlight at bay or stopping flicks of light from landing on the tv screen.

Filters Out Noise

Blockout curtains are great at effectively reducing noise, as they’re made from thick, heavy material that acts as a barrier between the window and the outside world. Though they won’t be able to block out noise completely, they can help keep noise disturbances down.

Energy Saving

Thick, heavy drapes aren’t just good for blocking out noise and light, but they can also effectively trap in the cool air and keep out the warmth during those hot summer months. Save money on energy and cooling by simply closing your curtains and adding another barrier to your window, to stop the cool air from getting out.


Blockout curtains are designed with resilient fabrics that can effectively withstand the sun’s rays, which makes them incredibly durable. Built to last for years, blockout curtains can withstand even the hottest of temperatures – making them perfect for Australian weather.

Privacy Control

If your house is in a busy neighbourhood or faces a street with lots of foot traffic, blockout curtains can create a solid barrier between your home and the outside world. They can be paired with sheer drapes, and tied back when you feel like letting the light trickle in.

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Sunlight Protection for Different Rooms

With their simple, timeless design, ease of use, and ability to completely block out the sun, Blockout curtains will easily find a home a variety of rooms:

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