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Curtain Trends 2020

We’re almost halfway through 2020 already! Time flies doesn’t it? 2020 interior trends have ranged from super minimalistic homes to every house becoming their own version of Hamptons. We’ve narrowed down five curtain trends 2020 and beyond that have been shaping Australian homes so far this decade.

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5 Curtain Trends 2020 and Beyond

Natural Materials and Patterns

Environmentally friendly is big! What used to be a thought to many, has now changed the way many of us live our lives and shop for products. Eco-bags, saying no to single-use plastics, fuel-saving cars, and sustainable home building and interior design techniques. As consumers are looking to incorporate more greenery and natural materials into their homes, curtains made from eco-friendly materials are on the rise. Synthetic curtains are slowly going out, in favour of more natural fibres like bamboo, cotton, linen, silk and hemp.

Minimalistic Colours

As homeowners are becoming more adventurous and moving away from white walls in favour of bolder and brighter colours for their wall choice; 2020 curtain trends are beginning to shift from strong and colourful curtain colours to a more minimalistic muted colour palette that helps to tie together the bright walls with the rest of the homes décor.

Motorisation and Home Automation

Motorisation and home automation are here to stay! From coffee machines that can brew the perfect cuppa through an app on your phone, to doors that activate with a key-fob; Automation is making its way into curtains as well. We’ve all seen the movies, where the curtains open to majestic views over a bay at the sound of a voice, and now this functionality is being implemented into smart homes across Australia as well! The good news? It’s more affordable than you think! There’s a swathe of great and affordable options on the market today that can have your curtains opening at the touch of a button. Find out more by speaking to our dedicated team today.

A Touch of Luxury

In the past, we saw a trend towards going lightweight with colours, fabrics, and styles. Recently, however, in curtain trends 2020 and beyond, there’s been a resurgence in fabrics that ooze that touch of luxury. Silks and velvet fabrics have come back in fashion. The soft-touch and elegant feel of silk and velvet curtains have that power to really elevate your home’s décor. Tie in luxury curtains with some well-placed furnishings and artwork and you have the makings of a home off Hollywood Boulevard. For best results with velvet, we recommend lighter coloured fabrics to create the lighter feel needed with heavier curtains.

Mixing it Up

The days of having the same curtain styles, colours, and fabrics in a room slowly seem to be disappearing. At Blindo, we’re starting to see homeowners request different curtain colours, and styles used throughout not only the home but within a room as well. A feature curtain on one window with more subdued colours on the remainder. Some homeowners have also started incorporating a range of window treatment options as well as colour. Curtains on the main sliding door, with roller blinds on the windows. By mixing and matching window treatments, you can achieve some eye-catching combinations as well as superior lighting control.

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