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6 Must Haves For French Provincial Interior Design

The French provincial interior design style takes cues from country homes found during the French Revolution, where luxury finds were stolen from wealthy households and even from castles, allowing these unique abodes to have a touch of character in every corner. French provincial is quite a specific style where homes are embellished with rustic charm and vintage features, along with luxe characteristics where they otherwise wouldn’t fit – but somehow still do.

If you’re wanting to bring elements of French provincial design to your home or investment property, we’ve fathered a list of must haves that are going assist you in getting started, and that can also help you elevate your interior if you’ve already been working on refining the look.

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French Provincial Style Home

Light & Airy Colour Palette

When it comes to the French provincial style, one of the most fundamental things to consider is natural light and an airy atmosphere. To approach this, it’s best to consider white and cream tones, as well as neutral pastel shades and light colours throughout your space. Whether this is in the form of paint, curtains, furnishing, and décor, it will all help.

Antique Furniture

Another key element of the French provincial interior is utilising antique or vintage furnishings to bring a touch of class and history. Not only that, but it brings such a strong element of character and charm to a home, making for great conversation and sets a comfortable mood throughout each room in the home.

Floral Fabrics

Although it’s good to keep things simple when it comes to patterns in French provincial interior design, you can’t go wrong with incorporating touches of florals where possible. These are one of the most common elements that are found through French provincial style homes, boasting more of a romantic and feminine feel.

Delicate Details

French provincial design is all about the little details dotted throughout a home. This means incorporating small touches of lace, patterns, florals, bows etc. to bring out that delicate detailing French provincial is known for. Another common detail that we see in this style of interior design is distressed finishes. This can be achieved through using distressed furniture, or by adding some wear and tear to walls or flooring to give the interior an aged look.

Simplistic Symmetry

One of the other important fundamentals of the French provincial style is simple symmetry. Essentially, this means creating a balanced and cohesive look throughout the space. For example, French provincial curtains are a captivating feature for this style of interior, and for the most part, fall into a triangular shape. Keeping this same sort of rectangular factor throughout the desired room – or the entire home, is a great use of symmetry. From square cut wall arches, doors, tables, rugs, and so on, the opportunities for symmetry are endless.

Window Coverings

The way you dress your windows are going to play a major role in the look of your interior. The finished product needs to feel luxe, yet soft and aged as well. For French provincial curtains, you can go for something with a bit of a sheer finish, allowing the natural light to spill into any room within your home, and pair it with a neutral shaded curtain to block out the light on those sunny days, or at the end of the night. Keeping in line with that light and earthy colour palette, curtains can create a refined atmosphere throughout the home.

At Blindo, we offer a number of window covering options to suit the interior design style of any home. If French provincial is what you’re aiming for, we’re here to make it easier for you. Not only do we offer curtains in a range of colours and fabrics, but we also have the option of creating a completely custom design for our customers.

French Provincial Interior Design with Blindo

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