Hannah Polites' new baby room created with the help from Blindo

Hannah Polites x Blindo Collab

At Blindo we love a good reno! When Hannah Polites contacted us to collaborate on her latest project: Hamptons House, we just knew this was going to be something special. This home is a show stopper, just needs a little bit of love (keep an eye out on @hannahpolites socials for updates!). Hannah’s move to the Gold Coast was a no-brainer for a growing family. The first stage of the reno are the kid’s bedrooms. And what a way to start!

Hannah Polites' Arlo's nurseryHannah Polites' Arlo's nursery


Arlo’s room reveal was something that we have to discuss! A boy’s nursery is tricky especially when you are trying to create something that he can grow into. We are absolutely in love with the accents, paisley patterning, and mixed textures that were used to create the most idyllic nursey. You also cannot go past the addition of the Blindo Custom Made Linen Sheer Curtains and a Blindo textured Roller Blind that is featured in Arlo’s room and the rooms to come.

Upon first look, Hannah knew she wanted luxe sheer curtains to really amplify the room. Thinking long term, the suggestion of white linen sheers paired with a blockout roller blind was the most practical, for not just Arlo’s nursery, but the whole house. When renovating a house, it is always good to think about the whole house and its coerciveness.

There are quite a few positives for picking the Sheer Curtain and Roller Blind combination as your window furnishings. Firstly, it is cost-effective. Custom-made Curtains can add up quickly, especially if you have a blockout and sheer layer in a statement fabric. But substituting the blockout curtain for a blockout roller blind will have a significant price difference. Secondly, this combination does give you a bit more practicality in terms of flexibility with the amount of light being let in. Thirdly, in small rooms, you have to be space-saving in all ways possible. Custom Made Ripple Fold Curtains can take up to 200mm of space! By having a roller blind mounted inside the window and a sheer curtain mounted outside, minimise the intrusion into the room. Figuring out what is going to be the best option for each room of your house is something a Blindo Consultant can assist with!

Arlo’s room is definitely an inspiration for up-and-coming nurseries! Keep an eye out for the next room reveal (hint: it could be another kid’s room!)


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