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How To Choose Curtain Colour

How to choose curtain colour has never been a more difficult task with a colour palette exceeding 100 different shades. Cornflower, Prussian, Cadet, Outer Space, Blizzard, Cerulean and Robin’s Egg, may seem to be a short list of random words, but they are actually six of the nineteen shades of blue on the Crayola colour wheel. So, with so much choice in colour available to us, how to pick curtain colour in your home can be an overwhelmingly difficult decision. Choosing the right colours for your curtains can have a positive impact on the overall feel of your room and has even been proven to have a psychological effect on people as well. At Blindo we offer curtains online that come in a large range of colours so you can find the perfect answer to ‘how to choose the right curtain colour’ every time.  

How to Choose Curtain Colour

Colour choice is inherently personal, there really is no right or wrong answer when it comes to asking ‘how to choose curtain colour for living room’ or ‘how to choose curtain colour for bedroom’ but years of study on the effects that colour has on us has shown that different colours can invoke varying emotions within us. With that in mind, we can choose curtain colours based on where the curtains are in your home and how you want those rooms to feel. Before setting off and ordering your curtains online be sure to consider the existing colour scheme of your home and furnishings. If you have a vibrant home, consider neutral coloured curtains to avoid your room being too ‘busy’. How to select a curtain colour if your home has a neutral colour scheme? In that case, don’t be afraid to choose curtain colours that will really stand out and make the statement you need in your home.

The Neutral Colours

Black, grey, white and brown will form the basis of your interior styling. Usually used to balance out the room and elevate focus pieces that are brightly lit, neutral colours are timeless. While they may go in and out of fashion temporarily, their biggest strength is that they work for any style. White is a good choice when you want your room to feel bigger and using black can create that perfect accent that your room desperately needs. Integrate neutral colours into your room’s colour scheme and you will find that your blue, red, and yellow curtains will really make your room shine.


When we think of green we think of forests, plants and nature. The feeling of peace and serenity come to mind making it an ideal choice for any room in the house. Green relaxes the body and it can promote a good night’s sleep, but using too much green in your home can also be an irritant to some. Indoor plants also benefit when complemented by green curtains and together they really bring out the nature vibe in your home.


Darker purples give off a sophisticated and creative atmosphere, whereas lighter purples offer the same restful quality as blue without the chance of that ‘cold’ feeling. Purple is an ideal choice for ‘how to choose curtain colour for bedroom’.


Arguably the most intense colour, red breeds excitement, can stimulate appetite and can make people more active. Red curtains are a popular choice for kitchens and dining rooms due to the colour’s stimulating effects. However red is often seen as too stimulating for the bedroom. For those who only use the room after dark, the intensity of red is muted by nightlight and can be an elegant choice when asking ‘how to choose curtain colour for bedroom’.


A secondary colour off red, orange also has properties that stimulate excitement, enthusiasm and appetite. Making it another ideal candidate for those who want a softer red in their kitchens. Promoting a sense of comfort, orange curtains are best hung in rooms where the family gathers or in exercise rooms to help you get into that exercise mood.


The colour of sunshine but not as hot as red. Yellow has a warming effect and can lift our spirits and self-esteem. Just as the sun pierces through the clouds on an overcast day, when we see yellow, we feel happy, optimistic and confident about ourselves. Having yellow curtains in the entertaining areas of your house is a good way to create a feeling of friendship for any guests that visit your home. Yellow is a good choice for ‘how to choose curtain colour for living room’.

How to Select Curtain Colour – More than Colour

While colour is important when researching ‘how to pick curtain colour’ there are other factors you should also take into account that will determine if the curtains you buy will be the best fit for your home. The fabric, length, lining, translucency and ease of cleaning are all things you should keep in mind when choosing curtains. For additional information on ‘how to select curtain colour’ our blog on How to Pick Blind Colour has many great ideas and tips that you may also find helpful.

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