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How to Pick Shutters for Your House

Indoor shutters are rising in popularity as a trendy alternative to traditional curtains and blinds. They provide a sleek and minimal way of controlling the light in your space and there are many types of shutters to choose from in different, colours, materials, and styles. At Blindo, we offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor shutter options for every style and budget.

We provide well-made and unique curtains and blinds Brisbane & Gold Coast wide, and privacy options that blend effortlessly with your already-existing windows, or stand out, whichever you’re looking for! Knowing how to pick shutters for your house can be tricky, so we’ve put together some tips to help take the guesswork out of upgrading your home. 

Our Guide on How to Pick Shutters for Your House

Plantation Shutters

Our plantation shutters are a stylish and elegant addition to your home and are our most popular type of shutters. These types of shutters add a simple, airy look to any space and create a light and airy atmosphere. Plantation shutters are easy to clean and operate, and won’t compromise your home’s security or privacy, despite being able to let in high levels of natural light.

They are a lightweight shutter option. We offer plantation shutters in several different materials. Deciding between these different types of shutters may seem overwhelming, so let’s break it down a bit more…

PVC Shutters

PVC plantation shutters are a more solid option for material. If you’re looking to add plantation shutters to a wet room like your kitchen or laundry, we recommend PVC as it is moisture and humidity resistant. PVC plantation shutters are also durable enough to be exposed to weather elements if you’d like to leave your windows open on a rainy day.

PVC shutters are a more cost-effective option when it comes to choosing the right types of shutters. Another major benefit to using PVC is that it helps to reduce outside noise. Not only can they help with visual privacy, but the sturdy material, including an aluminium core, can give you peace of mind knowing that you won’t be disturbed by loud neighbours, and you won’t have to worry about your noise levels.

Basswood Shutters

Basswood is also highly durable and offers a smooth, soft finish that would work well to blend in more busy, colourful spaces and furnishings. On the flip side, if you’re deciding on how to pick shutters for your house and have a more natural, Hamptons style, this material will also work well with the style of furniture you like. We also recommend Basswood Plantation shutters to clients looking to cover larger windows.

This material is responsibly sourced and naturally resistant to warping, a common occurrence with low-grade timber shutters. Basswood shutters provide good insulation, creating a layer between the shutter and your door when fully closed, making them cost-efficient and energy conscious. 

Aluminium Shutters

Our aluminium shutter range is perfect for homes that experience hot or cold climates, as they create a barrier that prevents heat loss but also prevents too much heat from getting into your space in summer. We recommend aluminium shutters to clients looking to update an outdoor space, as they’re made from a strong and durable outdoor material.

If you’re stuck with how to choose shutters that will complement your space, keep in mind that we also offer a wide range of different colours aside from traditional white. We can easily assist you with choosing a colour that matches the exterior of your home, so you can have privacy and light shelter that blends seamlessly and ties in with your outdoor area. 

The Basics

Aside from plantation shutters we also offer bi fold, sliding, hinged, or fixed configurations, and can custom-build to fit any window or door. To help you make a quick and confident decision on how to pick shutters for your house, the general rule of thumb is to take into consideration your room’s size and function. A smaller room often exposed to moisture will be better suited to PVC materials while larger, more comfortable rooms like lounges or bedrooms would be better off with Basswood!

If you’re looking to fit out an outdoor area, we recommend looking into our aluminium options. The size of your room can also affect your colour choices. We recommend lighter colours in small rooms, to create the illusion of a larger space. Outdoor aluminium shutters look the best when they mesh well with the exterior of your house or are a more neutral colour that blends in with your yard and other surroundings. 

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Our extensive knowledge of all things shutters means that our team are trusted by homeowners all over southeast Queensland. If you’re interested in updating or installing shutters in your space and are looking for some help, get in touch with Blindo online today for a FREE measure and quote or call 1300 884 749 if you require any more information. Alternatively, you can browse by our shutters Brisbane store online to shop our range. Learning how to choose shutters that will work for your space doesn’t have to be hard!

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