Montrose Ascot collaboaration renovation | Featured image for the Montrose X Blindo Collab Blog.

Montrose x Blindo Collab

Montrose Ascot Renovation

Lamp in the living room of the newly renovated Montrose Ascot home | Featured image for the Montrose x Blindo Collab Blog.

Living that minimalistic yet completely chic lifestyle is only what dreams are made of – but with the talent and expertise of Smout Property, these sorts of dreams can become your reality! This ‘Montrose’ home was a beautiful collaboration between Smout Property and Blindo, giving us the opportunity to implement our quality products to an interior as if they were the cherry on a cake – the final piece of the puzzle, if you will.

This Montrose Ascot renovation boasts all the fundamentals of a cosy yet minimalistic home whilst incorporating stunning furniture with soft finishes and rounded edges, moving away from the generic square edge that can oftentimes look too harsh. This is displayed all the way through to the overall construction of the home, especially prevalent in the unique curved staircase tucked against the side wing of the home.


In the last 12 to 24 months, we’ve seen a major shift towards the incorporation of mother nature, and in the Montrose Ascot home, natural light plays a major role in the completed design. With the soft textured furnishings and light coloured materials, it was important to incorporate window coverings that complemented these features perfectly, and thus, Smout Property opted for some custom made curtains throughout the house, pushing the interior of the abode to new levels.

The living room is a brilliant example of how these features have effortlessly come together, boasting gentleness in the furnishings, delicacy in our custom curtains, and the angelic touch of natural light kissing each surface enough to illuminate the area and create a comfortable, natural zone.

Living room in a newly renovated Montrose Ascot home | Featured image for the Montrose x Blindo Collab Blog.
Bedroom of a newly renovated Montrose Ascot home | Featured image for the Montrose x Blindo Collab Blog.

In the bedrooms, our Broome II Off-White roller blinds are on display along with our custom curtains, allowing for complete privacy when needed, and freedom of natural light when desired. With earthly tones perfectly encapsulated throughout the room, both in the furnishings and textural finishes, our blinds are nothing short of an exceptional choice for creating a comfortable, private, and secure space dedicated to much needed R&R.

With an outdoor space adjacent to the master bedroom, incorporating features of nature has never been made easier, paving the way for Smout Property to incorporate natural features in the most beautiful ways.

Throughout this home, three levels of timeless luxury have been at the forefront – exquisite attention to detail, flawless finishes, and unrivalled functionality. If minimalistic luxury is something you’ve always looked for, this home is the perfect example of how it can come together like a match made in heaven.

Finally, the dining room – a place for family and friends to congregate and celebrate the wonders of life. Birthday’s, weddings, milestones, and achievements of all kinds; along with the kitchen, these spaces are the heartbeat of every home.

Ensuring that same level of simplicity is replicated throughout the home for optimal flow, our custom curtains provide a softness to this otherwise open area – whether you’re wanting the outdoors to be invited in, or you prefer a zone that’s separated and intimate. Our curtains are the ideal divider for seasonal and year round moments.

Dining area in a newly renovated Montrose Ascot home | Featured image for the Montrose x Blindo Collab Blog.



  • Alyne Media Photographer, Brock Beazley Photographym Sunbox Studios


  •  Alpha Build


  • Smout Property


  • Insta Styled

Products Used:

Custom Made Curtains

  • Cannes Parchment
  • Montana Driftwood
  • Epic Chalk

Roller Blinds

  • Broome II Off-White

Working with Smout Property gave us, at Blindo, the opportunity to showcase the potential of our custom curtain services along with showing off how our roller blinds can be incorporated into a home that boasts minimalistic luxury, nature, and texture.

Get in touch with Blindo today and bring your renovation ideas to life. For more information or general queries on our curtains and blinds, give us a call on 1300 884 749 or reach out through our online form.

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