Blindo x P&R Lee Builders Collaboration Spotlight Photo

Blindo x P&R Lee Builders

Shakespeare by P&R Lee Builders

Perfectly on brand for the bubble we know as Bulimba, P&R Lee Builders have beautifully designed this Shakespeare home, showcasing cool French grey tones, complemented exquisitely with greenery from the outdoors, and our stunning Cannes Ash window curtains for a soft divide.

Throughout the living room, we see nothing but down-to-earth tones and touches, such as timber and polished concrete, tying all of the interior and exterior finishes together quite nicely. Here, our curtains offer a gentle buffer from the inside, through to the entertaining space aside the pool. This is a great way to encourage natural flow, allowing homeowners and guests to move freely with no barriers.

Blindo x P&R Lee Builders Collaboration Spotlight Photo

Further inside, we see a cohesive pattern in the finished palette; cool greys, earth tones, greenery, linen, and soft window treatments that blend two worlds together. Keeping it simple, natural light filters into the rooms, minimising the need for harsh internal lighting and adding to the feel of mother nature enveloping the home. Spread across multiple levels, our Cannes Ash and Epic Alabaster curtains play a vital role in the Shakespeare homes environment, providing a touch of privacy without completely eliminating access to the outside.

Upstairs, where comfort is key and convenience is imperative, the Shakespeare home boasts perfection in the way of an at-home office, pairing a sitting room with a workspace, and nothing short of an abundance of storage and display. Sitting adjacent to the master bedroom, natural light is this levels best friend – with our Cannes Ash curtains embracing the bedroom in a delicate wrap across the large windows, and our Skye Snow roller blinds bringing functionality to the work/study zone. Known for their luxe finish and complementary palette, homeowners order blinds such as our Skye Snow selection for their pairing elements with bright rooms, whisking the natural light all the way through, enhancing productivity and efficiency when it truly matters.

Blindo x P&R Lee Builders Collaboration Spotlight Photo
Blindo x P&R Lee Builders Collaboration Spotlight Photo

P&R Lee Builders have maintained the perfect structure here at the Shakespeare home, despite building up; keeping it connected and in tune with the outdoors while maintaining a modern, family friendly space. The cherry on this cake specifically are the views from the master bedroom, providing the homeowners with an uninterrupted and expansive outlook of the beautiful Brisbane cityscape. As if Bulimba wasn’t a prime real estate location, this home just proves how perfect it can truly be with the right designs and finishes.

Builder/Designer: P & R Lee Builders

Products Used:

Window CurtainsCannes Ash

Order Blinds – Skye Snow

Our selection of curtains and blinds have beautifully tied this modern family home together, with the cool French grey finishes complementing the linen, the greenery, the natural elements in the décor and so on. The list is endless, and it’s why we (along with the homeowners) are so in love with this Shakespeare project. Thanks to P&R Lee Builders, Blindo had the opportunity to dress the windows in this home with nothing short of the perfect treatments, truly complementing each space the way it deserves.

If you’re wanting to bring your home to life with window coverings that finish the look, get in touch with the team at Blindo on 1300 884 749 or reach out through our online form with more information on what it is you’re after. We collaborate on a number of projects and are ready to breathe life into your home as well.

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