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The Ins and Outs of Plantation Shutters

Durable, low maintenance and on-trend, shutters are a hot commodity in new home builds and you can definitely see why! You may have heard about plantation shutters, PVC shutters or basswood shutters, but do you know what their differences are?

Plantation shutters are a common name for all types of shutters in Australia. The main aspect of plantation shutters is the way they are treated and stored. The treatment of the product differs in each state and country; hence, why they are usually the most expensive type of shutter on the market. Generally speaking, plantation shutters have small width blades, but thanks to the increased demand for shutters, you can now enjoy a range of sizing options. Typically, plantation shutters are the most expensive in the range.

PVC Shutters

PVC shutters are most commonly found in new homes. Yes, they are a cheaper product, but also one that withstands the elements of the Australian climate like none other. PVC shutters are ideal for indoor wet areas. You also have the flexibility with a choice of colours, blade sizes and tilt rods. All PVC shutters have an aluminium core to ensure longevity and to prevent warping and bowing over time. When speaking to your window furnishing specialist, ensure that the product incorporates this design feature as it is key for a quality product that will last for years!

Timber / Basswood Shutters

Timber or basswood shutters are made out of 100% organic material, so they have less impact on the environment. Although basswood shutters are a little more expensive, if you want to add a bit of warmth and timber to your home, they are the shutters for you.

Aluminium Shutters

Need something for the exterior? Aluminium shutters are your best option! Aluminium shutters are perfect for all types of external areas! They are waterproof and made with maximum strength and durability in mind. Aluminium shutters are designed to last in all kinds of weather, and they don’t look too shabby either!

The Benefits of Shutters

Whatever the type you are after, all shutters are perfect for protecting your home from harmful UV rays, moisture, humidity, heat waves, cold snaps, hail and storms. If you want (who doesn’t?) added security and insulation or if you have non-symmetrical windows, shutters are the perfect choice for your home!

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