Kitchen and dining are for Vogue Haus | Featured image for the Vogue Haus x Blindo Collab blog.

Vogue Haus x Blindo Collab

The Project

Located in Paddington. Vogue Haus is one of those architectural properties that just give so much! Designed by Joe Adsett Architects (Joe Adsett Architects) and styled by Kayla Boyd, this home pushes the boundaries on the traditional Queenslander and floor plan. Our custom made curtains featured throughout the property in Vevey Vanilla and Epic Chalk with Roller Blinds in Daintree White. The curtains throughout merges together the tonal colour palette with the textures chosen from tiles, linens, velvet and brick.

Kitchen and dining are for Vogue Haus using brown and white as a colour scheme | Featured image for the Vogue Haus x Blindo Collab blog.

Boasted as architectural brilliance, this breathtaking and modern home epitomises the very essence of elegance and luxury while remaining liveable and functional. When looking throughout the interior of this Vogue Haus in Paddington, you will notice harmony between both bold innovation and timeless sophistication, brought to life by both Joe Adsett Architects, Kayla Boyd and GRAYA Desing + construct.

The earth-like tones lend a classic touch while simultaneously infusing it with a refreshing vibrancy, complemented by our custom made curtains in Vevey Vanilla and Epic Chalk that paved the way for a gorgeous amount of natural light day in and day out.


Throughout the Vogue Haus, minimalism was a main focal point, allowing space for statement pieces to really shine. This is evident in the trendy boucle accent chair and the complementary ceramic tile coffee table. Whilst unique in their own ways, and subtly out of the ordinary when it comes to interior design, they marry together perfectly and allow for the terracotta sofa to really pop.

Living room area of Vogue Haus | Featured image for the Vogue Haus x Blindo Collab blog.
Outdoors are at Vogue Haus featuring chairs, couch and a table that uses a white colour scheme | Featured image for the Vogue Haus x Blindo Collab blog.

When you walk outside of this peaceful abode, you’ll notice the striking custom window coverings courtesy of our team here at Blindo. These curtains, both evident in the downstairs and upstairs doorways, make for the perfect backdrop when inside, but also act as a great privacy screen when dining or entertaining in the outdoors. Not only that, but they refuse to take away from the rest of the renovated interior and exterior design, adding a soft touch to both aspects beautifully.

When exploring Vogue Haus, you will also see our Roller Blinds installed in Daintree White, complementing the crisp fixtures and features within and around the home. One thing is for sure, this renovation really took simplicity to an all-new level, utilising mother nature in the outdoors (such as heightened windows and floor to ceiling sliding doors) as a décor piece when inside.

This gorgeous residence is now a sanctuary where the homeowners can unwind, basking in being completely enveloped by the familiarity of nature and its hues, yet embracing the modernity of its new design. Whether curled up on the sofa or exploring the new innovative features that adorn Vogue Haus, it is ensured that the owners of this newly renovated masterpiece will cherish it for years to come.

Dining room area featuring a black table | Featured image for the Vogue Haus x Blindo Collab blog.

Products Used:

Custom Made Curtains

  • Vevey Vanilla
  • Epic Chalk

Roller Blinds

  • Daintree White

Joe Adsett Architects pulled the brief together on this Paddington home to a T, providing the perfect avenue for Blindo to merge all tonal colour palettes together with our custom curtains and roller blinds. Remember, functionality never has to compromise with style, they can be a match made in heaven.

Builder – Graya

Interior Design – Kayla Boyd, Row Interiors

Architect – Joe Adsett Architects

Products Used:

Sheer Curtains – Vevey Vanilla

Blockout Curtains – Epic Chalk

Roller Blinds – Daintree White

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