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Why Interior Designers Love Shutters – And Why You Will Too

While some people may think shutters are old-fashioned, if you ask most interior designers, they’ll tell you that shutters have never really left.

Shutters were once one of the most common window treatments, thanks to their low cost and practicality. But as glass treatments became cheaper and other window treatments were introduced, shutters came out of the spotlight.

Now, shutters are making a comeback – and it’s not surprising.

What Shutters Offer

Whether it’s for homes or commercial spaces, more interior designers are now using shutters for their concepts and designs. There’s a good reason why – shutters are incredibly practical.

Here’s what shutters let you do:

  • Control light – Shutters let you control sunlight in your room easily, allowing you to adjust light quickly to suit your needs. You can set your shutters to the angle you want or close them completely if you want to block out the sun entirely.
  • Maintain privacy – Keep your room as private as you want by adjusting the level of visibility through your shutters. You can set them at different angles until you’re happy with your line of sight or shut them completely for full privacy in your room.
  • Add insulation – Fully closed shutters can act as insulators in your room, helping maintain the temperature inside your living space. This is particularly useful during winter when you want to keep warmth inside as much as possible. Over time, this added insulation can help you reduce your energy costs every year.
  • Circulate air – Proper air circulation is critical to keeping rooms fresh and inviting. With shutters, you can let the breeze in simply by opening your shutters fully. The best thing about this is you can let in as much air as possible without fully exposing your window space.
  • Clean quickly – Homeowners love the fact that shutters are low maintenance and easy to clean. In most cases, all you need to do to is give each slat a good wipe with a clean cloth. This makes them suitable for both homeowners and those who simply don’t want too much fuss cleaning their windows.

But that’s not all – they also look good!​

Yes, some people today still think shutters are out of style. But the fact they’re popular again proves their value goes beyond fads and trends.

With its clean lines and pure aesthetics, shutters are undeniably timeless. They offer a classic look that goes well with almost any décor or design, making them a great addition to almost any living space.

This ability to adapt and blend with almost any room design is one of its biggest strengths and a big advantage for interior designers and homeowners.

Looking for Affordable Shutters?​

If you’d like to explore the world of shutters further and find great options for your home, feel free to check our range of shutters online to find your best options. We sell a variety of shutters, including PVC shutters, aluminium shutters, and timber shutters. If you need help choosing the right shutters for your property, simply contact us for assistance.

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