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6 Ways You Can Keep Your House Cooler On A Budget

During those hot summer months, it can seem virtually impossible to cool down a house without pumping the air con 24/7. This is especially true if you live in an apartment or an old home, where hot air becomes easily trapped every time you use a hot stove or turn on the dryer. If you’d like to keep your energy bills down and opt for a more environmentally friendly option, there are a few things you can do to keep your house cooler to a budget. In today’s article, we take a look at how to keep house cool without AC (or at least without a lot of it).

6 Ways You Can Keep Your House Cooler On A Budget


How to keep house cool?

#1: Keep blinds closed

Did you know closing blinds can stop up to 30% of unwanted heat from entering your home? This is because windows and doorways are clear entry points for air, especially if your home faces south or west. Blinds help to effectively create a barrier that stops the suns rays and reduces hot air from entering your home.

#2: Blockout blinds

Speaking of blinds – blockout blinds and curtains are a great way to cool down a room, as the thick fabric offers an insulative effect. This is also effective during winter, as the blinds trap in the warm air and allow it to circulate the room. To double the effect, consider adding awnings to the outside of your windows to keep house cooler.

#3: Add outdoor awnings

A house that’s not protected from the sun will bear the brunt of it, so it’s worth investing in awnings for your windows, even if it’s just on the side of your home that faces the sun. considering 72% of heat enters through windows and doors, effectively blocking those entry points is a great way to cool down a room without amassing a large energy bill from pumping the air con. Layering your windows with blinds and awnings will greatly reduce hot air from entering and help to keep cool air circulating inside.

#4 Custom made curtains

Wondering how to keep house cool without an AC? Look out for custom made curtains that have rubber backing as these ones absorb and eliminate the heat from coming into the room. A custom curtains solution means that everything is taken into consideration before any installations are completed. The angle of the window to the sun, the orientation, the height of the window are all taken into account before the best recommendation is made to ensure the perfect balance between light blockout and airflow to cool down a room.

#5 Use Roller Blinds

Roller blinds can be made from a performance fabric or blackout material, specifically designed to keep out the heat. As they are one solid sheet of fabric spread across the entire window, they are very effective at reducing the heat that is transmitted through the window. Roller blinds are a fantastic, low cost solution to keeping the room cool whilst also using a minimalist design.

#6 Shutter Blinds

Shutter blinds are an adaptable alternative for keeping your house cooler with flexibility on how much air flow you let through the shutters. Shutter blinds are fixed into the window meaning you don’t have to worry about them swaying with the wind or rattling and creating noise. This easy to modify solution gives you the freedom to choose the perfect balance between sunlight and airflow that travels through the shutters. On a hot summer’s day with a breeze, it can be best to leave the shutters wide open to let the air flow through your home.

How to Keep Your House Cool with Blindo?

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