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The Best Bathroom Window Coverings for Your Home

When it comes to finding the right window coverings for bathrooms and kitchens, it can get a little tricker. Unlike bedrooms and lounge areas, which only require fabric density and style to be thought of, choosing window coverings for a bathroom needs to factor in moisture-resistant material – which means most blinds and shutters are out. This is because the fabric can be easily stained, and shutters made from wood are prone to warping when contacted by moisture. Luckily, there are still plenty of bathroom window coverings available and Blindo is here to help you choose the right one. Read our blog below or give us a call on 1300 884 749 to chat with one of our friendly staff members, who’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

Moisture Resistant Blinds Bathroom Stylists Love

PVC Shutters

PVC shutters make the perfect kitchen and bathroom window coverings, as they can easily withstand moisture and won’t warp or bend. Offering the look of timber but without the price tag and upkeep attached, PVC shutters are a popular choice amongst homeowners. They can also be used in virtually any room of the house, offering privacy and light control with superior moisture resistance.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are popular bathroom window coverings for privacy, offering a simple yet elegant look. These types of shades allow you to easily control light and are available in numerous colours and patterns to suit different bathroom décor. A lot of roman shades are available in mildew and moisture resistant fabrics, allowing for an easy spot clean.


Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are one of the best bathroom window coverings for privacy, as they’re available in blockout material. Modern roller blinds are commonly available in UV blockout and moisture resistant materials, offering privacy from neighbours and protection from the sun. These types of bathroom window coverings are very popular with homeowners who like the clean, minimalistic look, and are available in multiple styles and colours.


Aluminium Shutters

For the most stylish bathroom window coverings on the market, you can’t go past aluminium shutters. Offering superior resistance to moisture, fading, bending, and breaking, these types of shutters are one of the toughest windows coverings on the market. With aluminium shutters, you won’t have to worry about unsightly watermarks or tough to clean areas, as it’s all too easy to wipe the slats clean.


PVC Venetian Blinds

Though conventional Venetian blinds can’t be used in bathrooms due to the timber’s propensity to warp with moisture, it is possible to get a similar look with a stronger material – PVC Venetian blinds. Made with tough plastic, these types of bathroom window coverings offer low maintenance and easy installation, whilst still providing a gorgeous, sophisticated look. If you’re looking for a lightweight, economical window covering that can stand high humidity and moisture content, PVC Venetians are a perfect choice.


Bathroom Window Coverings: What to Avoid

When it comes to choosing moisture resistant blinds bathroom you’ll want to steer clear of fabrics that stain heavily and any type of wooden shutters or blinds. Unfortunately, as beautiful as wood is, it tends to warp and break when faced with moisture and humidity. Luckily, you can find alternatives in PVC shutters and blinds, which closely resemble timber – and often at a cheaper price too.

Looking for the perfect bathroom window coverings for privacy?

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