Bright and spacious living room | Featured image for the Blindo x Alpha Building & Construction collab from Blindo.

Alpha Build & Living x Blindo Collab

Henry House – Alpha Building & Construction

The Project

In Brisbane’s north, there is an amazing pocket of real estate that really showcases the traditional Queenslander style homes which are slowly being converted into updated homes. This home features Custom Made Curtains in Cannes Pewter over the living areas and roller blinds throughout in Skye Early Grey. Simple is always the best.

Bright and spacious kitchen island | Featured image for the Blindo x Alpha Building & Construction collab

Situated among a prime real estate location in Kalinga, the Henry House stands as an architectural masterpiece boasting chic interiors with hints of coastal elegance and natural tones. Here, we see blends of the traditional Queenslander style homes brought together in matrimony with modern fixtures, finishes, and palettes. We see this specifically in the living and dining room where greenery and timber unite, lending an inviting warmth and connecting the structure to its natural surroundings – these complements perfectly with the light fixtures that rest above the spacious island bench.

Drifting into the kitchen, our roller blinds in Skye Early Grey are presented above the splashback window, bringing an airy atmosphere and offering privacy when desired by the homeowners as well as a stream of natural lighting when life could be a little brighter.

Side view of the kitchen | Featured image for the Blindo x Alpha Building & Construction collab from Blindo.
View of the living room and kitchen | Featured image for the Blindo x Alpha Building & Construction collab

Moving into the combined living and dining room, that Hamptons style, coastal magic is brought to life through soft blue-greys, beachy finishes, and raw elements, kissed by our custom curtains in Cannes Pewter for a gentle touch. The colour of these custom curtains tie in perfectly with the tones found in the cushions on the sofa, as well as the living room rug and décor accents spotted softly around this open plan space. Another thing to note is the colour palette on the walls throughout the Henry House, a beautiful complement to each aspect of furnishing and window treatments, adding another level of warmth where it really matters – more so upstairs in the bedrooms, where the carpets are darker, comfort is prioritised, and the incorporation of natural elements are prominent.

Large windows throughout both levels of the home frame views of the lush exterior, seamlessly merging the indoor and outdoor spaces as one. As we make our way up the stairs to the secondary living space, a haven for downtime, movie nights, or spending time with friends really homes in on that sense of relaxation and revitalisation, providing a moment to settle among the soft furniture, where our Skye Early Grey roller blinds are once again seen providing nothing short of functionality and complete style.

Upstairs family room | Featured image for the Blindo x Alpha Building & Construction collab from Blindo.

The play of soft natural light against the modern furnishings in this specific space enhances the sense of comfort that is provided, making this quaint yet spacious zone a sanctuary where the boundary between indoor and outdoor living is gently blurred.

One of the most important aspects of a home, the bedrooms within the Henry House are distinctive retreats, each meticulously designed to cater to different preferences and needs, as well as creating similar but unique environments for those who will be utilising each room. In one bedroom, two single beds are adorned with soft patterns and surrounded by natural finishes, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

The decor in this space forms a warm zone, where the earthy tones and tactile materials foster an authentic sense of tranquility – complementary, the windows here offer a beautiful outlook onto the property, offering a soothing breeze when opened, and the perfect amount of natural light.

Two twin beds | Featured image for the Blindo x Alpha Building & Construction collab from Blindo.

Moving from this bedroom into the secondary bedroom, it has become nothing short of a versatile area featuring luxuriously carpet of a deep, rich tone that is soft to the touch. This area provides an ideal foundation for a zen space, home office, creative zone, or something else desired by the homeowners.

Finally, the master suite stands as the pinnacle of serene luxury and simplicity, perfectly crafted, and meticulously designed by Alpha Building & Construction with even more accents of nature throughout. Here, we really notice the warmth of the bedroom walls, a palette that ties in magically with the rest of the furnishings in the home. This carefully curated homeowner’s suite is a sanctuary where simplicity and nature converge effortlessly, providing an oasis of calm within the contemporary elegance of the Henry House – this is imperative for those actively working, as it’s created a space for the brain to disconnect, relax, and unwind at the weeks end.

Master bedroom | Featured image for the Blindo x Alpha Building & Construction collab from Blindo.
Builder: Alpha Build
Developer: Alpha Living

Products Used:

Custom Made Curtains – Cannes Pewter

Roller Blinds – Skye Early Grey

If you’re wanting to elevate the interior of your home, but you’re not quite sure which elements are going to bring everything together seamlessly, consider looking at your choice of window coverings, or whether you’re home could benefit from something new. Alpha Building & Construction have done a beautiful job with bringing this Kalinga home to life, providing Blindo with the opportunity to add a touch of elegance, luxury, and functionality to each and every room. Regardless of whether it’s a full build, a renovation, or you just want some updated window coverings, we have everything you need.

 Ready to check out our range of window treatments? You can order custom curtains online or browse our additional selection of window coverings from shutters and blinds as well. For more information or general queries, give us a call on 1300 884 749 or reach out through our online form.

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