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Ways to Reduce Noise from Windows

Live on a busy street? Have neighbours who like to party? Did you know that your window covering choice can help reduce external noise? Yep! There are many different ways to reduce noise from windows that can be an easy and cost-effective quick fix. At Blindo, we offer several different noise-cancelling solutions, including blinds, shutters, and sound-blocking curtains.

Read on for some more tips on the best ways to reduce noise from your windows, and our expert advice on how to choose an option that suits your individual needs. Interested in our range? Get in touch by calling out 5-Star rated blinds store on 1300 884 749 today!


Ways to Reduce Noise from Windows

Sound Blocking Curtains

‘Soundproofing’ your windows implies that you are trying to block out noise completely. This is hardly ever the case for people looking to reduce noise. Being able to hear the lovely birds singing outside and the trees rustling can add to the peaceful environment you’re trying to create in your room. With this in mind, adding noise-reducing window options that can be removed or opened at your leisure is often preferred.

Our range of window curtains includes some excellent options for cancelling out noise. When you’re choosing a curtain material for this purpose, it’s important to choose something thicker and heavier. This will assist in catching and absorbing noise before it travels through to inside your home. Sound blocking curtains can also help to reduce echo in larger rooms, so may be a good option for your bigger spaces. We have an extensive range of colours, styles, patterns, and fabrics for you to choose from. Some of these include…



Blinds can also provide a decent sound barrier to your windows, particularly Venetian blinds or Roman blinds styles. Timber is a natural insulator that efficiently absorbs sound, and the design of Venetian blinds means that there are fewer gaps for sound to escape through. Better yet, Roman blinds have no gaps for sound to potentially escape through, much like thick sound blocking curtains.

Our range also comes in blackout options if you’re looking to fit out a bedroom or TV room that requires minimal sound and light, two for one! The elegant fabric material offers a more practical alternative to curtains. 



As we mentioned before, timber is excellent at absorbing sound and vibrations naturally. If you’re after something more on-trend for noise reduction in your home, our Basswood plantation shutters are a great option. These will also improve the overall aesthetic of your home with their smooth and minimal look. Sound too pricey?

Our PVC shutter options are your more affordable alternative. In addition to this, PVC material is durable enough to be installed on the outside of your windows as an extra layer of soundproofing. Our range of shutters also gives you the option of changing your atmosphere completely by choosing to keep the shutters open. This comes in handy when you’re looking to merge an outdoor social area with your kitchen or lounge room for entertaining. 


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