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Best Blinds For Office Areas

If you’re on the hunt for blinds for office areas, you may be spoilt for choice with all the options available. But luckily, we’ve narrowed it down for you by taking a look at the top factors you should consider when shopping for home office window treatments and providing our personal favourites for home and commercial office spaces.

Best Blinds For Office Areas

Why use blinds for office areas?

Reduce glare

Glare on a computer screen can be needlessly disruptive and make it difficult for employees to see work clearly. This is why it’s important to have good quality office blinds installed, that effectively block out light. Blockout roller or roman blinds are the best option for this, as they can effectively cut out all light – meaning no pesky light coming through cracks.

Blockout distractions

If your office is located in a bustling metropolitan area, it can be pretty easy to get distracted. Installing office blinds helps to curb visual distractions and can even reduce noise if there’s a lot of traffic nearby. This is because the blinds act as a barrier between the window and the outdoors, effectively dampening any noise from the outside.

Lower electrical bills

Just like its effect on dampening sound, office blinds also have an effect on air circulation. If you’re dealing with a cold winter, the windows are the weakest point of a building and can make it all too easy for cold air to flow through. A blind acts as an additional barrier point to stop the cool air from coming in as easily – or for heat to escape the room.

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Our top picks for office blinds

Roller blinds

When it comes to home office window treatments, roller blinds are a tried and tested favourite. Characterised by a simple, no fuss design, office roller blinds can easily fit into any décor. These types of blinds are typically available in blockout or light filtering and are even available as ‘double roller blinds’ which allows you to have both. If you have a minimalistic study area, office roller blinds are a perfect choice.

Roman blinds

Stylish and classy, roman blinds are frequently used in all areas of the house, including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms. These blinds are highly versatile and available in numerous design options, meaning you won’t have to compromise aesthetic appeal for cost-effectiveness.


If office blinds aren’t the right home office window treatment, custom made curtains can do the trick! Curtains are especially popular for traditional style office spaces, as they can fit better with the décor – especially if you’re going for a Victorian/Sherlock style office. Custom curtains are available with blockout fabric and can be fitted with special headers and side channels to block out every stray bit of light.

Venetian blinds

For optimum light control, consider Venetian blinds for your office space. These types of blinds provide the option of allowing small streaks of light to come through, completely blockout or full light. These types of office blinds are a fan favourite due to the gorgeous timber look, which means they pair well with numerous styles of décor.

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