How to Get the Hampton Look Inside Your Home

The Hampton look is an elegant aesthetic that many people associate with the Hamptons, a region of New York state renowned for being the holiday destination for the affluent. The colour palette is usually white, beige, taupe and soft blue or green colours, with design elements inspired by the shingle architecture found on many East Coast homes in the 1920s-1940s. This style features clean lines and minimalism with light fabrics, and shares similar characteristics to french provincial – notably, large splashes or white and preference for linen. In today’s blog, we look at how to get the Hampton look inside your home, without having to undergo extensive renovations.

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How To Get The Hampton Look: The Ultimate Guide

#1: Hampton style colours

The Hampton look is all about keeping it light and airy, which is why a neutral colour palette is so popular. When choosing colours, try to envision colours associated with the beach and sea – this includes whites, beiges, and sand, but can also feature blues, browns, and greens. But Hamptons is anything but boring, which is why you’ll often see pops of colour or patterns incorporated into the design – especially vibrant blue accents and mosaic prints.

#2: Hamptons window covering

With Hampton design style, you have plenty of window treatment options to choose from. For a coastal feel, linen curtains are the perfect match and can help tie a home’s décor together. This is especially popular for lounge areas, as it can instantly soften the look of a room. Roman Hampton style blinds and plantation shutters are also fantastic, low maintenance options, offering a crisp, elegant look. To keep it traditional, roman blinds can be tailor-made with linen, or shutters can be created using white painted timber.

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#3: Hampton style furniture

In keeping with the beach theme, you’ll find timber and wicker commonplace in a Hampton design style home. With the living room, think large sofas, plenty of cushions, cushy armchairs, and comfortable throw rugs, complemented by lightning statement pieces such as pendant lights, chandeliers, sconce lighting and table lamps. For bedrooms, decorative headboards, statement art pieces and white painted timber can quickly transform your space into the ultimate Hampton look.

#4: Hampton style lighting

Natural light will do wonders for the ambience of any room, but it can be difficult at times to get enough sunlight into your house so that all rooms have ample lighting throughout the day. This is where investing in good quality interior lighting is paramount. Lighting is one of the most essential elements for creating a beautiful Hamptons style interior. It should aim to uplift and enhance décor, highlighting architectural details like crown mouldings or creating ambient light in rooms with high ceilings.

#5: Hampton style flooring

Timber flooring is undoubtedly the top choice when it comes to completing a Hampton look, with a preference for lighter timber colours. For a cheaper alternative, a homeowner may opt for laminate flooring that mimics the look of timber. Or, if a flooring overhaul isn’t a viable option, incorporating some Hampton style rugs throughout your home can help tie in furniture and create a focal point for the eye. Popular rug styles include rectangular, blue patterns and handwoven.

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