Modern Minimalist Interior Design – When Less is More

Modern minimalist interior design is a style that has seen an increase in popularity over the last few years. People are always looking for ways to simplify their lives and minimalism provides them with the opportunity to do so. The focus of minimalist design is on simplicity rather than excess and this means that you will find less decoration, more natural materials instead of manufactured ones, and simpler furnishings–all things that can help lead you towards a more peaceful lifestyle. Read our top tips below if you want to know how to implement modern minimalist interior design into your home space or give us a call on 1300 884 749 for more design advice.

Modern minimalist interior design: Our top tips

Choose neutral colours as your base

We all want our homes to be beautiful, but at the same time, we don’t want it to feel cluttered. One way that you can achieve this is by using minimal colours in your home’s design. If you’re not sure what colour scheme will work best for your home, consider sticking with softer shades of white and light greys, so there isn’t too much contrast in the space. 

Declutter your space

It can seem daunting to start the process of clearing out your home but it’s worth it. All you have to do is commit yourself to going through one room at a time and decide which items are necessary and which ones aren’t. The best way to keep clutter from piling up again is by having designated storage spaces for all of your things so they’ll always be where you need them. Though this is time intensive, it’s one of the most important elements of minimalistic design.

Keep your furniture simple

Gone are the days when minimalism in home decor has to be associated with cold, impersonal living spaces bereft of character and charm. Furniture plays a significant role in the minimalistic look, and pieces should blend in with one another seamlessly. In keeping with the monochromatic colour palette, you should avoid any heavy patterns or bold colours. Fabrics you can expect to find include linen, wool, and cotton, which all pair well with elements of natural wood.

Opt for sophisticated window treatments

The best way to add sophistication and depth to a minimalist design is with elegant minimalist curtains. You can expect to find linen minimalist curtains and sheer drapes used quite frequently with this look, as well as white plantation shutters or traditional roman shades, heralded for their simple, no-fuss design. These window treatments work best when pairing furniture pieces, as they help to complement rather than detract. Take a look at our blinds shutters and curtains to complete your modern minimalist interior design today.

Incorporate touches of nature

Modern minimalist interior design makes the most of small spaces and allows natural light to flow through an open, airy space. There are many ways that nature-inspired materials can be incorporated into a minimalist design scheme in order to create a raw and organic feel that goes hand-in-hand with minimalism’s roots. For example, touches of timber dispersed throughout the space are perfect for the minimalist aesthetic, and pair well with plants or elements of stone. 

Need help choosing minimalist window coverings?

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