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The Best Nursery Shutters

Raising a baby is a full-time job, making it vital that you invest in solutions that make your life easier while supporting a happy and healthy lifestyle for your child. When it comes to choosing nursery shutters for your baby’s room, it is important to choose a product that not only looks great, but that provides your child with high quality rest.

If even a fraction of light invades the space, it can wreak havoc on your baby’s sleep and your sanity. The following window coverings pair tasteful design with sleep security, allowing both parent and child to rest easily.

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The Best Nursery Shutters for Your Home


A classic for a reason, curtains are a stylish way to cover the windows in your nursery, allowing your baby to sleep peacefully without sacrificing the visual appeal of the room. Not just any curtains will do, however, as it is important to choose thick curtains that block out enough light to allow your child to sleep even during the middle of the day.

Made to measure curtains are available to suit your exact specifications, with double curtains being a popular choice due to their practicality and customisable nature.

Roller Blinds

With their easy-to-use functionality and light blocking capabilities, roller blinds are an obvious choice for any nursery. While traditional blinds carry the risk of rays of sunlight breaking through the narrow gaps and waking your child, roller blinds eliminate this risk entirely.

Blockout roller blinds are also available to provide your baby with the best possible protection from the sun. With variations available in every colour you can think of, they also add a touch of vibrancy to your nursery.

Plantation Shutters

For those looking for a visually appealing window covering that allows them to control the temperature and light in their nursery, plantation shutters are the go to option. Providing the look of timber without the risks of warping and degradation, more and more parents are choosing plantation shutters to age gracefully alongside their child.

Beyond just their visual appeal, these nursery shutters allow parents to regulate the temperature inside their nursery, allowing them to save on energy costs while creating the perfect cosy atmosphere for their baby.

Motorised Blinds

Looking to install blinds in your nursery but worried about the risks dangling cords pose to your curious child? Motorised blinds eliminate that risk by removing cords altogether, instead operating via remote control.

Along with protecting your child, motorisation makes opening and closing your blinds a breeze, allowing you to easily adjust them throughout the day as light peaks through. Simply keep the remote in a secure place away from your children and you can rest easy knowing they are safely asleep.

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