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What are the Best Privacy Shutters for Windows?

Privacy is a major fundamental of everyday life – whether it’s work, holiday, or just being at home, having some sort of privacy screening on the windows is a beneficial touch. In saying that, adding privacy screening to windows doesn’t have to take away from aesthetics and style, if anything, functionality, and aesthetics can work hand in hand. If you want to implement some privacy to your home or business, specifically in shutter form, we have a guide of privacy shutters that encompass good looks, functionality, convenience, and nothing but privacy.

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Privacy Shutters for Windows in Your Home

Plantation Shutters

When it comes to interior style, plantation shutters offer the perfect touch of elegance throughout any home along with versatility, affordability, and control over how much natural light filters in and out of each room. Whether your home is being built from the ground up, or you’re simply undertaking a renovation and want to upgrade your window treatments for more privacy yet aesthetics, we believe plantation shutters are going to do the trick.

PVC Shutters

When discussing plantation shutters, the selection goes deeper – PVC plantation shutters are a heavier choice of window coverings, however, they are moisture resistant as well as resistant to humidity, making them the ideal shutter for bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, and even outdoor entertaining spaces – if you really want to jazz up your alfresco dining experience. What makes PVC Shutters stand out is the aluminium core, offering durability and protection against cracking, peeling, and even fading (perfect for if they’re being used in areas that get direct sunlight)

Basswood Shutters

For more of a natural incorporation of privacy shutters into your interior, Basswood Shutters will do the trick. Made from 100% solid Basswood, these shutters are anti-bowing and anti-warping, perfect for added privacy throughout your abode while doubling down on looking fabulous. Because they are designed to be lightweight, Basswood Shutters are great for larger spanning windows, but can also be adjusted in colour to ensure optimal contrast with your homes design points.

Aluminium Shutters

Incorporate a touch of class to your bathroom with Aluminium Shutters or experience the complete control you have over natural light in your outdoor dining area – Aluminium Shutters are a versatile window treatment, offering privacy both inside and outside your home, withstanding the elements and protecting your furniture from any damage. Because they are a hard wearing solution, these shutters prove as a popular choice among homeowners, delivering durability, strength, gorgeous street appeal, and nothing but pure privacy at your fingertips.

Bring Privacy Shutters Into Your Home with Blindo

Here, at Blindo, we have a wide selection of shutters that are perfect for optimising the privacy control within your home, and even outside of your home. Whether you’re building your forever abode, or you’re renovating and want to upgrade your window treatments, we have blinds shutters and curtains for it all. Visit our online shutters Brisbane store now to find the perfect privacy shutters, or give us a call on 1300 884 749 to discuss which window treatment is right for your needs.

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