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Energy Efficient Blinds and Shutters for your Home

Is your home too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer? Does your energy consumption skyrocket due to the increased cooling and heating costs? Windows are estimated to cause up to 30% of heat loss in winter, and up to 75% of sunlight is converted into heat during summer. Fortunately, installing energy efficient blinds and shutters can be a cost-effective way to save on your electricity bill without having to invest in expensive window framing or triple-glazed glass. That’s right! Window coverings are not only great to enhance a room’s appeal, provide privacy and control light but can also aid in reducing your home’s energy usage!

Looking for blinds to keep the heat out in summer or the most energy efficient window coverings to keep heat in in winter? Browse our full range of blinds and shutters online today for the best energy efficient blinds and shutters available Brisbane and Gold Coast wide.

The Best Energy Efficient Blinds and Window Coverings

When it comes to the most energy efficient window coverings, not every window covering was created equal. While any window covering will certainly perform better than no window covering at all; Window coverings that can trap a layer of still air between the glass and the window covering, are snugly fit so heat cannot escape and have some form of light control will generally perform better at reducing energy costs in your home.

Energy Saving Blinds for Summer

Blinds are not only a stylish and modern addition to your home but are also a great option for effective light control. Energy efficient blinds are a good choice for homes that experience relatively mild winters, but long summers. In the summer months, the slat design of blinds makes them more effective at controlling heat gain, while still being able to maintain a level of privacy not offered by shades or curtains. However, this same slat design allows more heat to escape during colder months.

If opting for blinds, they will have the best energy efficiency when care is taken to ensure a snug fit to your windowsill, as gaps around the edges allow for heat gain and lost. For added energy efficiency, having your blinds mounted into the window frame can ensure the best fit.

At Blindo, we carry a wide range of roller, Venetian, roman, panel, and vertical glide blinds in all shapes and sizes. With blockout, light-filtering, and sunscreen energy saving blinds to choose from – finding the right blinds to keep the heat out has never been easier. Browse our full range and order blinds with Blindo for Australian-made blinds at the best prices.

Custom Made Curtains

Curtains come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, and sizes and energy efficiency tends to vary between them. When it comes to custom-made curtains, heavier fabrics will have better thermal properties and do a better job of retaining heat in the winter. In summer, curtains that utilise sheer or blockout materials offer superior UV cutting and can drastically reduce the heat that is gained through your windows.

For best results, your curtains should touch the wall on both sides and be long enough to reach the floor to prevent warm air from rising and falling into the gaps at the top of the window which could rapidly cool down your room.

When you are looking for the most energy efficient window coverings to help reduce your energy consumption in winter or summer, our range of custom made curtains is Australian-tough and made to last. Contact us today for a measure and quote.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters not only offer timeless elegance and style but are often considered one of the better energy efficient window coverings available. Similar to the slat design of blinds, they deflect sun rays in summer, and the wooden or PVC materials offer a heightened layer of insulation in the winter months.

As these shutters can be installed directly onto a window frame, they offer total flexibility in controlling the amount of light that can enter the room. While not completely blackout, owners of plantation shutters are usually pleasantly surprised at how little light seeps through. When completely closed and installed onto the window frame, the layer of air trapped between the window and the shutter also adds a layer of insulation making them suitable for both summer and winter months.

At Blindo, we offer a range of shutters including PVC, basswood, plantation, and aluminium shutters that are available for installation throughout the Brisbane and Gold Coast regions. Browse our full range and order shutters from Blindo today for high-quality, and affordable shutters that will enhance any living space.

Reducing your energy consumption during the summer and winter months doesn’t have to cost the price of a new car. With a small investment in energy efficient window coverings, your home will not only benefit from the potential of reduced energy consumption but will also benefit from improved light control and aesthetically pleasing design.  Get in touch with our friendly team of window coverings specialists at Blindo for any questions you have on energy efficient blinds, shutters, and curtains. 

**Please note that the actual energy savings of window coverings will vary based on a variety of factors including but not limited to house location, installation method, materials, window facing direction, window frame, and glass glazing. This publication is provided for guidance purposes only and we encourage you to get in touch with us for the most up energy-saving estimates on different types of window coverings.

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