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Why Do My Blinds Get Stuck and How Do I Fix It?

We’ve all encountered it – sometimes window blinds get stuck, and it’s something that is likely to happen with many blinds at some point.

The good news is that stuck blinds are usually not a big problem if you know how to fix them.

But the right way to fix stuck blinds depends on a variety of factors, including what type of blinds you have, what caused it, and the manner it’s stuck in.

Here are some common scenarios where blinds get stuck and tips on how to fix them:

Blinds Won’t Lower or Rise

The most common reason for slats getting stuck and unable to be lowered or raised is that their cord is trapped in its lock mechanism.

To release it, raise the cord until it’s level with the headrail at the top of your blinds, and then gently tug on it. This should release the lock mechanism and set the cord-free.

If this doesn’t work, you may need to look inside to release the lock mechanism manually. In many cases, this involves using a tool like a flathead screwdriver to press on the pawl or pin of the locking mechanism to release the cord.

Blinds Won’t Tilt

If your tilting blinds won’t tilt, it usually means that the tilt rod is separated from your blinds’ tilting mechanism. This can sometimes happen when it’s knocked off its place during delivery or being separated after getting hit.

To make the slats tilt again, you’ll need to put the tilting rod back in its place. This requires opening the headrail and finding the tilting mechanism. Once you find it, put the rod gently back in its place in the tilting mechanism, and it should work fine afterward.

Vertical Blinds Won’t Draw Across the Window

One common reason why vertical blinds are difficult to draw across the window is that they’re not fully opened. Remember to tilt your vertical blinds in the open position first before attempting to draw them to the side. If your blinds still won’t draw even when it’s in the open position, then there may be a problem with the drawing system that needs professional repair.

Vertical Blinds Won’t Open or Close

Many things can prevent vertical blinds from opening or closing fully.

One common reason is that the slats aren’t aligning and overlapping in the same direction. This can make it difficult to tilt the blinds open.

If all your blinds slats are aligned but you still find it difficult to open them, then check its tilting gears to make sure nothing’s wrong with it. If the tilting gears are broken, you may need to replace them or have them fixed by a professional.

Dirt and debris build-up inside the headrail system can also make opening blinds difficult. In such cases, cleaning the inner components can help make it work properly again.

Some vertical blinds also get stuck because their internal components aren’t working together smoothly. For these scenarios, simple cleaning and lubrication can smoothen its operation.

Call Professionals for Help

If you’re still having trouble with your blinds and can’t get them to work properly, then it’s best that you call professionals to fix them for you. Some blinds have complex systems that require special tools and expertise, so you’ll want to leave it in the hands of professionals, especially if you don’t know much about how they work.

If you have any questions about repairing any of the blinds you got from us, feel free to contact us to get the help you need.

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