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The Best Window Coverings for Rental Property

Finding the right window coverings for your investment properties doesn’t have to be difficult. We take a look at the best window coverings for rental property and some top landlord tips when it comes to choosing the best blinds for rental property. At Blindo, we never settle for less than perfect, and when it comes to your home or rental property; We supply quality blinds, guaranteed, Australia-wide. Browse our full range of window coverings and buy curtains and blinds Brisbane and nationwide today for Australian-made quality you can trust.

The Best Window Coverings for Rental Property

More and more property investors are choosing to order blinds and install shutters in their properties over curtains. While custom curtains can certainly add a layer of opulence to your property, they are also difficult to clean and take up more floor space when compared with blinds or shutters that neatly sit over the window. Shutters and blinds give a minimalist and spacious feel, are easy to clean, and best of all still provide the privacy and aesthetic appeal of curtains, making them the ideal choice for property investors

Best Blinds for Rental Property

Blinds come in a variety of styles, colours, and materials, and have a lower relative cost when compared to shutters making blinds for renters an ideal choice for an investment property.

  • Roller Blinds – Require minimal space and are among the most affordable blinds on the market, they provide tenants with control over privacy and light filtering through their easy to use rolling mechanism.
  • Venetian Blinds – Easy to maintain as they can simply be wiped clean, they are easy to install and come in both standard and custom sizes.
  • Vertical Blinds – Practical, low cost and are easy to use, vertical blinds in rental property are perfect for covering larger windows and have great aesthetic appeal.
  • Roman Blinds – Boasting soft fabric materials, they provide a clean and elegant look to your rental units.
  • Panel Glide Blinds – Perfect for large sliding doors, wide doorways and wall-to-wall windows, they slide effortlessly on a fixed panel track, and can uncover wide spaces within seconds.

Order Shutters for Rental Property with Blindo

For property investors who are looking for a more permanent solution to their window covering needs, shutters are a good choice. They are manufactured using durable materials such as hardwoods, plastics, and aluminium and when installed can last for years with little to no maintenance.

  • Plantation Shutters – Luxury and effortless style, they are easy to clean, let in natural light, and offer security and privacy for your tenants.
  • Aluminium Shutters – Moisture and humidity resistant, they are well suited to the wet areas of your rentals such as the bathroom and kitchen. The clean slatted design is also minimalistic and works well with a variety of interior settings.
  • PVC Shutters – Offer durability and functionality, they are easy to use and operate, and are a cost-effect option for property investors.
  • Basswood Shutters – Attractive wooden feel and are easy to use. Tenants will be able to control the light that enters their homes at the flick of the wrist.

Top Landlord Tips for Best Blinds for Rental Units

As a property investor, your first instinct might be to keep maintenance costs low to maximise your possible return; This often leaves purchasing and installing window coverings a low priority for many landlords. However, investing in improving the value of your rental property can go a long way in securing the best quality tenants, and ultimately reducing your tenancy turnover. When looking for the best window coverings for rental property, there are certainly some tips that every landlord might want to consider.

Value for Money

Your rental property is an investment, and without a doubt, you want to maximise your returns. However, while buying the cheapest blinds for renters, curtains, or shutters from your local window coverings supply store may seem like a viable low-cost option; The cost of installing low-quality window coverings and vertical blinds in a rental property may end up costing you more in the long-term. Low-cost imported blinds may be cheaper, but they can be harder to get spare parts for and tend to deteriorate faster, potentially leaving your tenants requesting repairs more often. While the initial cost of buying custom-fit, Australian-made blinds might cost you more in the short term, they won’t need to be replaced as often, saving you in the long term.

Timeless Appeal

When choosing the best window coverings for rental property, ensuring colour palettes and designs remain neutral and consistent throughout the property will aid prospective tenants when they do their interior design. Old-fashioned window coverings may also make your rental property feel dated which could go against securing the best tenants.

Safety First

The best blinds for a rental property are blinds that are safe. The Residential Tenancies Act requires that all landlords ensure that blinds and curtains are compliant at the start of every new lease and every lease renewal. As a landlord, you want to avoid installing blinds that have long loose cords and choose window coverings that are child and pet friendly.

Tax Deductible Expenditure

Repairs, maintenance, and improvements to your rental properties are often fully tax-deductible and with the instant asset tax write-off simple depreciation scheme, you may be able to fully write off your window coverings within a single financial year rather than claiming the cost over several years.

Have a question about the best blinds for rental units? Are looking to install window coverings in your rental property or need help with an online order? Get in touch with the friendly and knowledgeable team at Blindo today for all your window covering needs.

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