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Game Room Curtains

Whether you’re looking to create a dark atmosphere to play video games, or need a solution for your family entertainment area, custom-made curtains offer a stylish and effective solution for blocking out light. With a simple pull on the drapes, you can quickly get rid of the bright glare of the sun and transform your room into the perfect gaming environment. Or, if you simply want to enjoy some board games with the family, game room curtains offer the perfect amount of privacy – so none of your neighbours can see anyone angrily flip a Monopoly board. Take a look at why custom made curtains are great for game rooms below, and a couple of other window covering suggestions we have if curtains aren’t your style.

Game Room Curtain Ideas: Curtains for an Entertainment Area

More into games that involve dice, pucks, or cues? Maybe you have an entertainment area with a pool table or a living room devoted to family activities such as board games? Whatever the reason, any space that has a lot of activity should have adequate privacy. For an entertainment-style game room, we suggest pool table curtains available in thick drapes to create a cool, nightlife-style environment. Or if pool table curtains are a little strong for your liking, panel glide blinds offer a modern solution to conventional blinds and are perfect for covering large areas such as sliding doors.

Game Room Curtain Ideas: Curtains for Computer Room

Game Room Curtains

If you’re an avid gamer, you’ll likely want to create a dark atmosphere in your room so pesky rays of light don’t interrupt your game. A pair of custom game room curtains is a terrific solution to blocking out all light and gives you the creative freedom to match your décor. However, if you’re not the stylish kind, a pair of game room curtains offers a lot of functional benefits for gaming, as it provides the optimum environment for concentration. Immerse yourself in your game entirely by creating complete blackout, which is easily done with a pair of blockout curtains. You can pair these types of curtains with some sheer drapes as well, to give your room a much-needed breather once you’ve finished your game.

Game Room Blinds

Looking to create a dark environment for your game room but want to be able to quickly open blinds to let in light when needed? Then Venetian blinds are perfect. Unlike a lot of other blind options, Venetian blinds are designed to completely block light when closed – even those annoying rays that usually crack through. Because it’s made from aluminium or timber, Venetian blinds are a bit sturdier, which makes them a popular choice in just about every room. If gaming curtains aren’t versatile enough for your needs, Venetian blinds are a great alternative.

Looking for Game Room Curtains?

We hope our article on game room curtains has given you an idea of the right kind of window covering solutions for your gaming area. If you’d like to learn more about the custom made curtains available at Blindo, you can find out more about our range online or call us on 1300 884 749 if you’d like to speak to a consultant about your game room curtain needs and requirements.


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