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What Are Cassette Roller Blinds

What are cassette roller blinds? Cassette roller blinds are one of the latest blind options on the market, which use a clever combination of roller blinds and a headbox to create a blind that effectively blocks out all light. In fact, so clever and compatible are these blinds that you can add extra blockout parts such as side channels, bottom bars, spring tension boxes and more. Read on below for more information on, ‘what are cassette roller blinds’ and why they’re so popular.

The Benefits of Cassette Roller Blinds

Light blockout

Cassette style blinds are perfect for blocking out light and can quickly engulf a room in darkness when rolled down, they are 100% blockout. This is why they make the perfect choice for nurseries, kids rooms, bedrooms, cinema rooms, or any areas where errant flecks of light can cause problems. Cassette roller blinds are quite effective on their own to blockout light but can be paired with side channels to block even more.


Cassette style blinds also offer plenty of insulation benefits, as the additional coverage creates a barrier between the window and the outdoors. This extra insulation means that your home will be better regulated temperature wise during summer and winter, retaining warmth or cool air as needed. This can then have a positive impact on your energy bill as you won’t have to use air cooling systems as often.

Privacy control

With the added benefits of a cassette header and side channels, it’ll be virtually impossible for people outside to look into your home. Whereas other blinds may have weak points from the side, these blinds can be fitted with side channels to block all viewpoints.

Protects the fabric

A cassette system can help stop dust and muck from forming on your blinds and is especially desirable in areas where low maintenance blinds are preferred. These headers will keep the blinds dust free when rolled it up, which makes them a great choice for those suffering from allergies.

Attractive and sleek

Cassette roller blinds make for an attractive window covering solution for every style of décor. At Blindo, we have a wide range of cassette style blinds available in various colours, patterns, textures, and fabrics. This means you’ll be able to find cassette roller blinds to suit your individual needs.

Perfect for media rooms

Creating the ultimate media room and need a window covering solution to block out those pesky sun rays? Cassette roller blinds are the perfect choice. A cinema is a wonderful haven for a family but typically needs a little TLC to get started. This may include buying a sound system, upgrading the television, buying some fancy seating and of course, not neglecting the window. cassette roller blinds may also have the potential to be motorised, meaning you can lower and close the blinds from the comfort of your own seat.

Ideal for a good nights rest

Like cinema rooms, a bedroom needs a solid window covering for a good night’s sleep. If you’re a shift worker who sleeps during the day, finding the right blind is of utmost importance. Though stylish, many contemporary blinds and shutters don’t offer the same light restriction that cassette roller blinds do. A cassette roller blind will effectively shut out all light and can be paired with side channels for additional help.

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