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How to Choose Curtain Fabric

Choosing curtains for your home doesn’t solely revolve around how nice they look and how complementary they are to your interior. The most important fundamental is how functional they are, and whether they serve the right purpose based on your requirements. Knowing how to choose curtain fabric isn’t difficult, it all comes down to your homes interior, the direction of sunlight through each season, and exactly what you’re wanting to achieve.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing how to choose curtain fabric that not only suits your home but provides completely practicality in any and all rooms where they are installed. We not only want your home to look fabulous but serve additional and functional purpose as well.

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Types of Curtain Fabric for a Beautiful Interior

Block Out Fabric for Sunlight

For curtain fabric that has the ability to block light out of your home, a triple weave fabric will do the job. Along with looking beautiful when layered, these curtains offer some light filtering, allowing the natural light to peer through and illuminate your space, while still remaining somewhat shielded from direct sunlight. If 100% block out is what you’re wanting, a thicker, coated fabric is what you’re looking for.

Sheer Fabric for Privacy

For privacy without compromising on the view of the outside, sheer fabric curtains are the way to go. Another benefit of these curtain material types is that they help create the illusion of more space in a room and are an inexpensive way of adding a touch of glam and softness. Sheer curtain fabric can also be layered, adding warmth to your interior, and giving you a little more control over the light filtering.

Linen Looks

For those rooms where you’re wanting natural types of curtain fabric, linen curtains or a linen and polyester blend will not only warm up the zone, but it’ll bring that earthy-feel that you’re after. A linen and polyester blend ensures your curtains don’t have that wrinkled finish and will have them falling effortlessly over your windows. However, if the creases don’t bother you, original linen looks stunning, and the texture adds another element to your home.

More Important Fundamentals

While trying to find the right fabric for your curtains, there are a few other things you need to take into consideration. Such as, high humidity areas of the home, full sunlight, will the curtains be accessible to children or pets, and whether there is too much moisture (such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundries). Curtains provide a completely practical option for light filtering, privacy, and complete style for any home. Whether you’re looking to add patterns, colours, or soft and earthy tones, curtains are able to do it all. If you’re still wondering how to choose curtain fabric that perfectly complements your interior design, there are professionals you can speak to for advice!

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