Kayla Boyd x Blindo Collab – The Boheme Beach Bode Edition

Kayla Boyd x Blindo Collab – The Boheme Beach Bode Edition

Eager renovator Kayla Boyd started her passion with a humble coastal apartment, the Boheme Beach Bode. From bright whites, to rattan style furniture Kayla transformed this apartment into something really special.

When you are staying along the coast, you want airy, comfortable and a relaxing apartment whilst you listen to the crashing waves. The Boheme Beach Bode is exactly that! We are envious of those whom have stayed there! It truly is a dream.

kayla boyd's living and entertainment room with a beach view and blind curtains in windowsKayla Boyd's bedroomkayla boyds beach view with blindo cuirtains in windows square

Blindo collaborating with Kayla on this project with the amazing window furnishing. The brief: Coastal Apartment Living. Kayla wanted something that is going to be functional but at the same time luxurious. Opting for Sheer Linen Curtains in the Bedroom and Living areas really set off the whole beach vibe. The fabric: Cannes Sand, very fitting! Having a more natural colour and texture compliments the timber floorboards and white linen bedding. For that extra privacy, a few roller blinds behind the curtains with stainless steel accents to protect from the rusting over time for the ocean.


Roller Blinds

  • Bedroom & living – Broome II Snow
  • Kitchen – Viewscreen Bright White


  • Bedroom & living – Cannes Sand

The Boheme Beach Bode has everything for it from amazing location, great styling and even better Blindo Window Furnishings!

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