Kids room with elegant curtains.

The Truth about Curtains!

Old fashion or Drapey Drapes!

The first thing that some think of when looking at curtains is the fact that they are considered ‘old school’ and not in fashion. Don’t think grandma’s old floral drapes… think airy Sheer Curtains that add softness to the whole home. Curtains are now the in thing! From a S-Fold or Ripple fold pleats to linen fabrics, Curtains are the new go-to product on the market. From Modern homes, to Traditional, all feature a sheer or blockout curtains, or in some instances both! It really adds that extra value to the home!


All window furnishings are quite customizable, but custom made curtains offer the most versatility. You can custom everything from the type of tracking, colour of the track, the pleat, the fabrics, length, width, used as a space divider, the options are endless! One of the best trends going around is the statement black tracking on a neutral colour curtain. If you are not a fan of the standard thin sheer fabrics that most readymade curtains are made of, you can pick infinite types of fabrics from a range of suppliers around Australia! Once you start looking, the customisable options are endless!

Mixing and Matching

After you’ve built a house, window coverings are usually the last things to look into, although they add most value! Wanting to have the softness of a curtain but the privacy of a blockout? Mix and Match! Add a Roller Blind over the window in a fabric that matches the texture of a Sheer Curtain that sits in front. It’s the same look for less!

Curtains, especially those that are custom made with your chosen fabrics and colours are statement pieces of all homes! You can enquire now via our website to receive a free measure and quote.

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