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Kitchen Blinds – Inside Your House

Other than style, there’s quite a few challenges to consider when choosing kitchen blinds as you really need to think about practicality. While wooden shutters or light gossamer curtains might look fantastic, they’re just not a suitable solution when it comes to dealing with various oils, liquids and drops of food. We take a look at some of things you should consider when choosing kitchen blinds and the best kitchen blinds available on the market today.

Things to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Blinds

What’s the position of your window?

If your window is positioned directly over your sink, you’ll have less window coverings to choose from as it’s in a high moisture zone. Though a lot of fabric shades suit kitchen environments well and fare fine against moisture in the air, direct contact with water may cause staining or mildew in time. In this case, it’s best to choose kitchen blinds and shutters that are built with moisture resistant blind material such as aluminium or PVC.

How will you be using your kitchen blinds?

If your aim is to simply stop sunlight from filtering in, there are plenty of blind options available that block light. However, if you’d like to have a clear view through the window, it may be best to invest in a pair of shutters for optimum privacy control.

How often will you be pulling down on the blind?

If you intend to pull your blinds up and down a lot, make sure to choose some quality shades with a strong lever system. In this case, a cord system might not be the best choice as the chain can get stuck after prolonged use.

Best Blinds for Kitchen

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are incredibly versatile and are suitable for just about any room in the house. They perform particularly well in kitchens as they come in a series of sun blockout options and can be custom fit to suit any size window. Most modern kitchen blinds you buy in Australia will have fabric that’s built to withstand the Australian sun, which is good if your kitchen has a lot of sunlight streaming in. Roller blinds are also available in a lot of different textures and colours, which means it’s highly likely you’ll find a blind to suit your style of home.

Roman Blinds

For simplicity and class, all rolled into one, roman blinds are a perfect choice. These blinds are especially effective in traditional or farmhouse style kitchens, as they exude charm and sophistication. Roman blinds are an ideal alternative to curtains, as the fabric style is similar to that of drapes. They come in varying opacities of fabric for light control, and plenty of neutral shades to suit any style of kitchen.

Water Resistant Blinds

Aluminium Venetian Blind

Aluminium venetian blinds are perfect for kitchens, as they’re built to withstand moisture heavy environments. The strong metal in the slats means it’s impervious to twisting and warping, or rust from water droplets in the air. These make a common window fixture above the sink, as the potential splashback from the tap will easily slide off the slats.

PVC Venetian Blinds

PVC Venetian blinds are a fantastic choice for the kitchen, as they have the durability of plastic but the appearance of timber.  These water-resistant blinds are excellent value for money and can easily withstand oils and liquids from kitchen activities. The material also makes it incredibly easy to clean in the off chance you get food on them, with a simple wipe of cloth being all that’s needed.

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