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Kid Friendly Window Treatments

If there’s one thing that can agree upon when it comes to toddlers, it’s their affinity for finding the most dangerous items in the household. Sometimes, it feels as though you only have to look away for one moment and they’ve somehow managed to put themselves in a precarious position. This is why special care needs to be taken when choosing kid-friendly window treatments for your home. Things like dangling cords and chains can be especially transfixing to young children and pets, who can quickly become tangled in them if left unsupervised for even a moment.

At Blindo, the health and safety of our customers is our biggest concern, so we’ve compiled a quick guide on kid-friendly window treatments and ways you can childproof curtains and blinds.


Due to the chain pulling mechanism, its recommended families choose a different window treatment if they have toddlers or small children. However, there are motorised blind options and kid-friendly blinds that can eliminate the danger of cord systems. You can purchase ready-made motorised kid-friendly blinds or automate existing blinds with a smart blind automation kit.

Are PVC Blinds safe?

There’s been a lot of concern about PVC blinds and shutters over the years, as many people worry about the potential toxins that can be released when the PVC is exposed to the sun. At Blindo, we take the health and safety of our customers very seriously, so we comply with Australia’s stringent health regulations to ensure all materials used in our blinds are safe from volatile organic compounds.

Custom Made Child Safe Curtains

Given that most curtains sold today don’t feature cord mechanisms, the biggest concern for curtains is the tiebacks. There’s also the potential for a tripping hazard if the curtain features floor-length drapes. To prevent risk, it’s recommended that you install a pair of child-safe curtains without chords and tiebacks and opt for a custom fit that’s raised off the floor.


Shutters are undoubtedly the safest choice when it comes to kid-friendly window treatments, as the simple levy system alleviates the need for cords and chains. Highly durable and classy in style, the only downside to shutters is that the slats can break when subjected to a lot of wear and tear. However, slats can easily be replaced without having to remove the entire window frame.

Some things you can do to childproof curtains and blinds include:

  • Make sure all loose cords are secured with a wall-mounted cleat and not hanging down (you can get a curtain hook for this).
  • Cut cords shorter so that there’s no chance they can become looped.
  • Choose blinds and curtains with safe design features.
  • Do not place children’s cots or beds near window treatments that have cords.
  • Assess if the furniture is close enough to dangling cords that a child comes climb up and becomes tangled.
  • Chat to our team at Blindo for some advice on child-safe shutters and curtains.

Buy Your Curtains and Blinds at Blindo

We hope we’ve given you a good idea on the best kid friendly window treatments for your home. If you’d like to discuss ways you can child proof curtains, please contact us and a member of our friendly team will get in touch as soon as possible. Or take a look at our range of products available online. We deliver our window shutters Brisbane and Gold Coast wide and our team of shutter professionals are available to assist you every step of the way. Get in touch and order blinds and shutters today!

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