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The Best Time to Contact Your Window Furnishing Specialist

If you are building a new home or renovating, window furnishings sometimes are the forgotten part of finishes. Although, it is the most crucial in creating the overall look and feel of the home. Whether you are on a strict budget, or just don’t know where to start, it is always good to contact your preferred window furnishing specialist early! When you are building a new home, you think about the flow of a home, where your lounge will be situated and even the colour palette of your soft furnishings, but what about curtains on your living room door? Or roller blinds in your bedroom?

Do you want to have your curtains ceiling mounted, if so, do you want to hide the track in a head box? Do you want to show your beautiful architraves? If so, roller blinds inside the reveal may be necessary. What types of windows do you have? Are they winding windows? Do they open to the left or right? A lot to think about, right?!

A Blindo window furnishing specialist installing curtains in the windows.Blindo window furnishing specialist measuring a window for a new set of curtains.Curtained windows of a beach front flat, the photo contains a plant, two wicker chairs, wicker coffee table, couch

The Best Time to Contact your Window Furnishings Specialist

At Blindo, we ensure that your home’s style and feel of the home is coordinated and works with each client’s taste. Window furnishings change the home and are very necessary! No one wants to see your neighbours through your bathroom window! So, when is a good time to contact your curtains, blinds and shutters specialist?

Pre-Build Planning

If you are planning to build a house, thinking about window furnishings are sometimes left on the back burner. This can be detrimental to practicality of your home if you wanted to add motorisation. You and your builder will need to consider power points, headboxes, cornices and whether the brackets/tracks can be mounted to the ceiling. Deciding on this prior allows more window furnishing options.

Plastering / Painting Stage

Plastering and painting stage is a great opportunity to have your window furnishing specialist out! This is a great time for the supplier to measure the openings to be able to provide an accurate quote. At the painting stage your window furnishings specialist can now accurately measure for shutters such as our plantation shutters, PVC shutters, basswood shutters, or aluminium shutters. It is also a good time to decide on the type of window furnishings that are going to be the most effective, as well as look at colours, fabrics, textures and other finishes.

Completed Home

Oops! Forgot about the beaming sun in your bedroom at 6am?! Not to worry, you can organise your window furnishings now! It is a great opportunity work with the colour palette youhave chosen in your soft furnishings and finishes. It also allows you to work out what is going to be practical for your home as you have already lived in the home you know what is the most practical for your family. What windows need that extra privacy? Do you need anything over the sliding door? By this stage, you know what works! Whether you have double level length curtains for extra “va-va-voom” and dramatize the room, or just a simple Viewscreen Roller Blind to let some light in the kitchen! So many options!

You have to remember that your home is where you spend most of your time. Whether it’s family dinners, a party every Saturday night or Netflix Sunday’s, you want to make sure that your home is thoroughly thought out and practical. Get in touch with Blindo, we’re here to help you make your window furnishings count as they are important pieces of your home that you use every day!

Updated 24th February 2020

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