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Determining What Works for Your Home

Window furnishings can be a hard decision. No need to fret, Blindo is here to help! Don’t know where to start? Three simple questions you should answer;

  1. What is the style of your home?
  2. What is your colour palette?
  3. What room do you need window furnishings?

Each home is unique, and planning is an essential key to making the final touches memorable. Whether you are set on what exactly you want for each room, work out what is going to work with your home or office. Is your home more of a Hamptons vibe? If so, linens and textured fabrics work well in roller blinds and curtains. Is your home along the Australian Coastline?

If so, filling the space with bright whites, greys and neutral colours! None of these? Contemporary, Modern, Traditional, Art Deco, Industrial, all have a certain tonal element in colour and texture. Whatever the style of home, practicality is the highest importance and individual to all!

Deciding on the colour palette is the hardest thing to decide on. Ensuring the colour palette is timeless, especially in big ticket items such as Shutters or Curtains. The colour palette reflects your style of home and your individual personality.

Feeling a bit of an accent colour in the walls or soft furnishings? Do you want to work that into your window furnishings too? You can! Are you after baby pink curtains? How about having custom black tracks to match the black accents in the finishes? So many things to think about! Whether you are drawn to more monochromatic, neutral or moody, there is always a window furnishing that works, although prepare for options galore!

What room do you need window furnishings in? Do you actually need every window to have a window covering? Definitely a few components to take into consideration. Are the windows in your Bathroom Frosted? Can you see through them? Maybe they aren’t, well the best products for wet areas are shutters and Venetian blinds. As there are a lot of water and residual steam in this room, you need products that are resistant, this is why they are the best option!

Do you have 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 bedrooms and hate waking up to the beaming sun in your face? Well, block-out fabrics in either Roller Blinds and Curtains are the best options. They also decrease the amount of heat from the bedrooms which is necessary for those steaming Australian Summers. Do you need a to add a little softness to the room, then curtains, curtains, curtains! Whether they are in a Sheer Fabric or Block-out, these are amazing over large Living Room Doors and Grand Master Bedrooms. Why not make a statement in your home that will last a lifetime?

The final step is envisioning what is going to work with your home? Knowing exactly what is possible as window treatments are extremely necessary. Are your windows winding windows? If so, this may change the frame of your shutters, or the roll of the fabric on your roller blind. So many questions! But definitely worth getting a Blindo blinds and shutters specialist out to your home to help make the process a little simpler.

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